How to make old cabinets look new – 5 ways

For homeowners wondering how to make old cabinets look new, there are 5 easy options to consider. A quick kitchen face lift can bring a new look to the interior of any home. Simple ideas can make a huge difference, brightening up a room and giving it a fresh and more modern feel.

1)How to Make Old Cabinets Look New With Hardware

One of the simplest and most affordable changes to make is to switch out old hardware for new. Changing knobs and drawer pulls can subtly, yet effectively give kitchen cabinets a whole new look. For just a few dollars each, hardware can be purchased and installed with as little as a screwdriver and some screws. Knobs and pulls not only serve a functional purpose, but they also can add a much needed decorative element. Any style can be found, from classic to modern to minimalist.

2)How to Make Old Cabinets Look New With Paint

Sanding and painting cabinets is a very easy way to freshen up an old, outdated style. If the cabinet material is durable and in good shape, a few coats of paint can make an incredible difference. Cabinetry should be sanded down first to remove any finishing or original paint. They can be taken down off of the walls and worked on, or left hanging and painted carefully.

3)How to Make Old Cabinets Look New With Glass Doors

Replacing typical solid cabinet doors with glass doors can give cabinetry a whole new look. Not only does it provide a way to elegantly display dishes and other items, it also opens up the room by creating more visual space. With glass panes, natural and artificial light is reflected, making a kitchen brighter and making it feel larger and more open. Consider adding more shelving or wine racks behind glass doors for a nice decorative touch.

4)How to Make Old Cabinets Look New by Refacing

Refacing cabinets is a relatively easy fix, but it is different than simply sanding and painting them. For cabinets that have a good solid structure, refacing is the perfect option. Rather than purchasing all new cabinetry, the existing doors and drawers can be changed out for new ones. It is ideal for those working with a limited budget. Cabinets can look as good as brand new, and no one will know need to know that the cabinets have simply been refaced. New door and drawer faces allow homeowners to give the kitchen any sort of look and style that they desire. It is also far less labor intensive to simply reface than to install new cabinets.
how to make old cabinets look new
5)How to Make Old Cabinets Look New by Adding Lighting

Using lighting in interesting and strategic ways around cabinetry can easily brighten a dark kitchen and give it a new look. Lighting under cabinets can give the illusion of more space and create ambiance. It can also be used to highlight decorative and functional items that are stored in cabinets and on counters. Good use of both over and under lighting for cabinets also serves a function by adding task lighting to various work areas.

Kitchen remodels can be very costly, but there are simple and affordable fixes that can breathe new life into the room. An updated and stylish kitchen will add real value to any home. There is no need to tear out existing cabinets and install all new ones when the bones of the cabinets are strong and sturdy. Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint or new knobs and drawer pulls, can make a huge difference and give a kitchen an attractive look.

Check out this video about a $5 dollar fix for kitchen cabinets

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