Enhance The Room Aesthetic, 10 Gorgeous Tray Ceiling Painting Ideas For You

Tray Ceiling Painting Ideas

If you ever think further about design, you will find that ceiling is one of the elements within the house you can experiment with. Especially, if you are interested in tray ceiling painting ideas.

There are numerous designs you can find and get inspired from. In this case, the unique structure of the tray ceiling adds depth, height, and texture to any kind of room.

Adding color by painting the tray ceiling will step up the design even more. You can play with color, lighting, or even pattern on it. If you are interested, here are some gorgeous painting ideas to get you inspired.

[01 / 10] Bold Colored Red Tray Ceiling

The first of many tray ceiling painting ideas come with bold burgundy paint. The choice creates a striking contrast with the other element.

Turning it into a great focal point. The tray ceiling’s design itself has a deep height to add dramatic vibes with its lighting fixture.

(1) source: pinterest.com

Bold colored red tray ceiling 1a

(2) source: avantela.com

Bold colored red tray ceiling 1b


[02 / 10] Calming Relaxing Soft Blue

Here, you can see that the ceiling blend with the wall and the room color scheme. All come in blue shades, while the ceiling is in soft deep blue.

The color choice blend together with the molding and border that colored in white. A perfect combination with the bedding as well.

(1) source: pinterest.de

Calming Relaxing Soft Blue 2a

(2) source: pinterest.com

Calming Relaxing Soft Blue 2b

[03 / 10] White And Deep Brown Dual Tray Ceiling

Just as the picture suggests, you can see that the dual tray design and tray ceiling painting ideas look majestic in this bedroom.

The white and deep brown color create a distinctive focal point, match with the room theme, and also makes the room appear more peaceful, calm, and warm.

(1) source: pinterest.com

White And Deep Brown Dual Tray Ceiling 3a

(2) source: avantela.com

White And Deep Brown Dual Tray Ceiling 3b

[04 / 10] Graded Tray Ceiling Design

If you got a graded tray ceiling design, you can try this idea that uses a corresponding color with the wall painting. Here, the ceiling painted in white and brown.

The color match with the room aesthetic and enhance the antique chandelier lamp. The contrast and the design itself looks majestic.

(1) source: pinterest.se

Graded Tray Ceiling Design 4a

(2) source: avantela.com

Graded Tray Ceiling Design 4b

[05 / 10] Brown Dining Ceiling

Brown is quite common for tray ceiling paints. But if you combine with contrasting wall paint, the visual is unbeatable. Just like this picture.

You can see the deep brown shade ceiling that paired with greenish wall paint, create an elegant vibe, and make the classic dining room looks brighter.

(1) source: homedesignexamples.com

Brown Dining Ceiling 5a

(2) source: pinterest.com

Brown Dining Ceiling 5b

[06 / 10] Two Shade Of Grey And White

In this deep height tray ceiling design, the owner picks a lighter shade that contrasting the wall. The room adopts grey shades and white for the theme.

The wall incorporates darker shade, while the ceiling painted in a bigger portion of lighter grey with a small dark grey to add an accent in it.

(1) source: pinterest.com

Two Shade Of Grey And White 6a

(2) source: armstrongceilings.com

Two Shade Of Grey And White 6b

[07 / 10] Neutral White And Soft Blue

There are tons of tray ceiling painting ideas that incorporate neutral color (white) to make the room lighter and brighter. Here, the white paint is fused with soft blue shade.

You can see that the major area of the ceiling has blue shade, while the rest is in white. Making it blend perfectly.

(1) source: pinterest.com

Neutral White And Soft Blue 7a

(2) source: pinterest.com

Neutral White And Soft Blue 7b

[08 / 10] The Curvature Tray Ceiling

Once again the soft blue and white are used for this design. The majority of the paint is soft blue, while the white is applied in the ceiling border.

The unique curvature makes the room seems elegant, creates a pattern, softens the room appearance, and matches the chic girly aesthetic.

(1) source: oraia.co.uk

The Curvature Tray Ceiling 8a

(2) source: avantela.com

The Curvature Tray Ceiling 8b

[09 / 10] Dual Painting Concept

The dual painting concept is an idea where you paint the major area use contrasting color than the wall paint, and the smaller part uses a similar color of the wall.

Here, the ceiling painted in a white and blue color scheme. Many tray ceiling painting ideas use the same concept to create depth and contrasting visuals.

(1) source: pinterest.com

Dual Painting Concept 9a

(2) source: flowertownrealty.com

Dual Painting Concept 9b

[10 / 10] Play Color With LED Lighting

Here, you can see that the lighting brings color to the plain white tray ceiling. Hidden inside the tray ceiling rope, the blue LED lighting creates pleasant and calming hues.

The bluish tone is not only striking but also make the celling a center of attention. A great design for a modern room.

(1) source: pinterest.com

Play Color With LED Lighting 10a

(2) source: homestratosphere.com

Play Color With LED Lighting 10b

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