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Custom Shower Doors – Everything You Need To Know

Custom shower doors offer an easy and cost-effective way to add a whole new dimension to your bathroom designs.  These investments can significantly enhance the value and appeal of your home while increasing the usability and style of these spaces.  More importantly, they are designed to last.

Making The Transition To Custom Shower Doors

The bathroom is one of the most commonly used areas of the home and thus, it is important to have a versatile layout that is capable of accommodating the needs and preferences of all users.  Custom shower doors eliminate the need to purchase and maintain shower curtains, hooks, rods and other amenities for keeping bathroom floors and walls dry.  These outdated solutions are prone to mold and mildew and they do not provide an adequate amount of water protection.  Moreover, they are not in line with the latest bathroom design trends, which allow for clean lines and a fresh, minimalist appearance.

Investing In Sweat Equity

Taking on home improvement projects is the surest way to drive up the value of your home.  Given that custom shower doors only require a very nominal investment when compared to other improvement projects, homeowners can look forward to amazing returns without having to break the bank in the process.  These structures will not only increase the visual appeal of your properties, but they will also allow you to sell your home for more.  Thus, you can be sure to get amazing returns on your bathroom redesign, should you ever choose to put your home on the market.

Custom Frameless Shower Doors

The most popular options in custom shower doors are custom frameless shower doors.  These provide a very sleek and modern look.  They are also very easy to maintain.  They do not include a metal track so there is no space for mold or mildew to grow.  Homeowners can use a single cleaning solution in order to remove soap scum, hard water stains and all other shower debris.  These options make showering spaces look bigger, feel bigger and they help to create a light and airy environment. Frameless doors are also the perfect way to showcase an impressive tile design and other eye-catching bathroom elements.

Another major benefit in investing in frameless doors is the fact that these are constructed from much thicker panes of glass than their framed counter parts use.  This is necessary for supporting the panels and enhancing the durability of these designs overall.  This means that with a custom, frameless design, it is possible to get nearly any door configuration or shape that you need, making it possible for homeowners to opt for half-doors, pentagonal enclosures, etched glass and more.  Moving away from the restrictions that are imposed by conventional aluminum frames will not only allow for a more luxurious look, but greater levels of versatility as well.

custom shower doors

Ordering Custom Shower Doors Online

As with most bathroom redesign products, consumers can find the best selection of options by shopping for their shower doors online.  This is also a great way to lower the typical custom glass shower doors cost.  Web-based sellers have lower overheads, fewer storage concerns and the ability to accommodate the greatest range of consumer needs.  Depending upon the size of the shower space and the level of customization, high-quality frameless designs typically average between $700 and $1,500.  High-end designs for luxury bathrooms can run as much as $3,000, but products that are priced this high are often for two-person showers with rounded pans or other design nuances that door manufacturers must work around.

Consumers can often find much cheaper options in frameless designs, but at a lower cost, they will not be able to truly personalize their selections.  This same is true for doors that have metal frames.  It is possible to find aluminum doors for just $300, but these will lack the stylish edge of more costlier options.  Although many consumers and manufacturers consider framed designs to be inferior to frameless doors in terms of style and quality, there are actually many attractive products that are priced as high as $2,500.  Ultimately, it all boils down to consumer preferences and needs.

Choosing Your Door Design

One of the most important parts of ordering custom shower doors is simply choosing the layout of your door design.  This means choosing which side you want the door to open on, how high you want your panels to extend and how well you want these to blend with any existing design elements and bathroom features.  In addition to shopping for doors that open outwards, buyers are also able to look for companies that offer custom sliding shower doors.  These work best in smaller rooms, where there may not be sufficient room for outward opening doors.  Ultimately, no matter what the buyers goals may be, there is certain to be something for everyone, especially when consumers are willing to cover the costs of having their doors customized.

Here’s a nice video showing more about the Installation of Custom Shower Doors

Shower Screens And All Their Varieties

Shower screens are used to enclose a shower. While most commonly seen in European countries, you will find that there are a wide array of these shower screens available for you to choose from. This variety encompasses different materials, qualities and price ranges too.

Glass Screens

With these shower screens not only will the water be contained within your shower or tub area, but so will the steam. Numerous glass variations exist including those with fixed panels or your choice of a sliding or hinged door. Typically the glass panels are framed within metal but sometimes there’s no frame at all.

Whenever the screen is simply a fixed pane of glass it will only cover a part of the shower so that there won’t be any need for a door or any other type of movable parts. Of course, there are also some available that do have hinged doors, allowing you to easily access the shower. If there’s a door but no frame, then the stationary glass piece will hold the door up. In the event that more than one piece of glass is needed, they will typically be attached to one another with metal fixtures. Regardless as to whether or not a door actually exists, the glass is usually clear so as to make your bathroom feel bigger since the space won’t be blocked off or otherwise obscured.

Another option is to have a piece of glass, either framed or unframed, that will slide along a track. This is done so that you will have easy access to the shower area. Typically, this glass will slide laterally along the shower’s length but there are some that do fold inward to create a type of bi-fold door. These are especially great whenever you have a limited amount of space in your bathroom because the bi-fold door won’t block any part of the bathroom whenever it’s left open.

It doesn’t matter what type of glass screen you choose to use within your bathroom because all of them can be customized to fit the aesthetics of your bathroom. There are a number of different rust-resistant metals that these frames and fixtures can be made out of. They can also be coated in a variety of colors of waterproof plastic. Even the glass itself doesn’t have to be left clear but instead can easily be coated any color or it can also be either etched or textured.

These shower screens are relatively easy to install too. In fact, you could complete such a project in a single weekend. Generally speaking, you will find that framed panels are going to be easier to install than unframed panels. In fact, framed panels will typically require a contractor’s assistance.
shower screens
Bath Screens

Shower screens for bathtubs are usually either a curtain or a door that are used to contain the shower’s water spray while also providing privacy to the person who is taking a shower. These screens can be made out of a variety of different types of materials, including nylon, plastic (i.e. PVC), latex, synthetic rubber, fabric and there are even glass screens for baths. Regardless of the material you choose it’s typically hung from a rod that’s either screwed into the wall or suspended there due to the tension from an internal spring.

Sometimes two pieces of material are used, typically an outer curtain hung over the top of a liner. These are both decorative and functional in nature as the outer fabric adds to the bathroom’s character while the inner liner acts as the shower’s watertight barrier.

Integral Shower Enclosures

Yet another type of shower enclosure is what’s known as the integral shower enclosure. Similar to a shower door, these are built in whenever the shower is being constructed though. While they are usually made from heavily frosted glass, they can also be made out of metal or some type of treated wood (i.e. cedar, redwood).  If these are the form of a glass door, which is yet another option, then they will typically either have designs etched into the glass or stenciled into the frosting that’s on the glass.

Folding Screens

Another option are folding screens. They are a great thing to place around your bathtub since they can be pulled completely shut whenever you’re showering or opened up to the width of your choice and still protect the floor and surrounding area.


Regardless of what type of shower screens you choose to use you’ll find that they will look great within your bathroom. You’ll also find that they do a great job at keeping the water contained within your shower or tub, even when you have small children splashing about. So, take some time to take a look at these shower screens and decide upon what color and type will work best for your bathroom.

Check out this video for some more information on shower screens

Rosewood Furniture – A Guide To Working With It

If you are interested in adding natural and rustic elements to your home’s furnishings, it can be a good idea to work with rosewood furniture. The wood that is predominately featured in such articles of furniture is known for its versatility and the rich combinations of colors that are featured in its design. Rosewood furniture can be an excellent purchase for just about any type of ornate decor, and it can shine when it is set in most areas in the home. It is particularly adept at being set with more patterned objects, and the appeal of the wood itself lies in the bright and dark hues that can be selected. As such, it is always recommended for interested shoppers to look over the design of their home and see where the applications of rosewood furniture will work best. Setting up a budget can be an excellent way to plan ahead for any price fluctuations that may occur, while allowing you to work with available articles of furniture in your area. Because of the nature of rosewood furniture, individuals should be prepared to spend anywhere from five hundred to upwards of one thousand dollars for sets and individual pieces.

Rosewood Bedroom Set

Different types of rosewood bedroom furniture can be considered for just about all active decors. Darker and lighter tones will be able to effortlessly match your active environment, so long as you structure the rest of the room to reflect it. Depending entirely on what type of set you plan on purchasing, you will want to consider whether you plan on making the furniture the centerpiece of the room, or let the environment represent itself. Usually, the more articles of rosewood furniture you have, the easier it will be to let the environment speak for itself. If you plan on making a single section of the home the centerpiece, such as the bed, it is always a good idea to arrange the rest of the atmosphere in order to keep up with the style of the wood. Rustic and quaint looking furnishings are always recommended, as well as they set the perfect backdrop for the furniture itself, especially larger bedroom pieces that can encompass most of the visual space. Take the time to arrange the area and work with lighting options to see what you can create.
rosewood furniture
Rosewood Dining Room Furniture

Because of how many kitchens feature wooden furnishings and surfaces, it should come as no surprise that so many rosewood furniture options include attractive dinner tables and chairs. Indian rosewood dining table sets are attractive options to consider, especially if you plan on establishing an older world feeling in your dining room. Rosewood furniture in the kitchen may need to be selected more carefully, however, because of how many modern kitchens will feature a more minimalist design. What this means is that you will always want to keep your eyes open kitchen tables that are sleeker and versatile in their color choices. The ideal rosewood dining room table will be able to bring together all of the other sections of the room, and match the cupboard and counter-top without drawing too much attention away from the overall decor. Make sure that your dining area will be able to contain such furniture, as, more often than not, colors that are too stark or too vibrant will not be able to exist in the kitchen without drawing unwanted attention to it. For most kitchen designs, it is highly recommended for you to work with unifying elements and colors, as they will be able to establish the most attractive and easy to view environment.

Rosewood Living Room Furniture

Selecting rosewood furniture for the living room is as easy as it is for the bedroom. Numerous different centerpiece options are available, each of which should be taken into consideration depending entirely on what kind of atmosphere you are planning on establishing in the room. This will usually entail looking into the current surroundings and deciding whether or not you want the furniture to settle back into the environment or to stand out amongst it. Variations in color and shading will work the best in your favor, but you will not want to work with pieces that are too strongly contrasting. No matter whether your predominant environment leans towards the traditional or the contemporary, rosewood articles will be able to provide colorful and tasteful design options for you to enjoy. It is highly recommended to look into frames for couches, as well as television stands and cabinets. Display cabinets in particular, especially ones that feature glass windows to showcase the rosewood interior as well as the items inside, can add grace and elegance to the area. Always be sure to have a theme in mind, and apply the furniture in ways that will supplement it.

Watch this great video about Chinese Rosewood furniture

Garage Organization Ideas For Creating A Safe And Clutter-Free Space

The garage isn’t just for parking cars anymore.  Many homeowners have opted to capitalize on this extra space in order to create large, functional rooms for hobbies, recreation and storage among other things.  With the right garage organization ideas, it is possible to make this one of the most enjoyable and usable areas of the home.  Following are a few garage storage ideas DIY enthusiasts will love.

Options In DIY Garage Shelving

In order to make optimal use of any area of the home, you have to have a feasible way of stacking or storing any necessary items.  Fortunately, a number of garage storage solutions are wholly flexible and this means that they are perfect for woodworking professionals who love to hone their craft at home as well as for model hobbyists and people who just want to have functional rec rooms.

Wall-Mounted Wire Shelves

Wall-mounted wire shelves are among the most popular options in shelving for the garage.  These are lightweight, durable and easy to install.  They also help to free up a tremendous amount of floor space.  These options commonly feature wall brackets with adjustable ledges so that shelf heights can be as high or as low as people need them to be.  There is no need to strive for uniformity in these designs and thus, if you need large shelves on bottom and smaller shelf heights on top, you can easily make any adjustments that you need.  In fact, you always have the option of reconfiguring shelf heights as new items are added or taken out.

Garage organization ideas have to be both sufficiently flexible for future alterations and safe for a variety of uses.  Wall-mounted shelves of any type are ideal because these do not have to be braced like standing shelves do in order to prevent them from tipping or falling.  Whether earthquakes or other natural events occur, these diy garage shelving designs are virtually guaranteed to stay right where they are.

Free-Standing Shelves

Free-standing shelves tend to work best for consumers who have not yet finished these spaces or who do not want to compromise wall aesthetics by mounting their storage solutions.  These should, however, be mounted in at least two or more areas in order to gain assured stability during natural disasters, especially if small children or pets will be present in these places.  The drawback of using fixed or ready-made shelves is simply the fact that these are less versatile in terms of shelf heights.  What you see is what you get and so homeowners will have to choose these designs carefully when implementing their garage organization ideas.

garage organization ideas

Garage Overhead Storage Ideas

Among the most important garage organization ideas are those that take advantage of the vertical space.  Putting things in overhead areas is going to free up more floor space and provide residents with a bit more elbow room as well.  The best of these are comprised of single, wide shelves that travel one full wall or line the entire space.  These can be loaded up with plastic storage containers which are easy to label and help to keep stored items fresh and protected from changes in humidity.  Consumers everywhere are using this layout to line the upper portion of their walls with clothing that is out of season, stored keepsakes and emergency food items among other things.

Garage Storage Solutions For Tools And Equipment

While many garage organization systems appear to be ideal for very specific tasks, they can actually be quite versatile.  A peg board for tools is the perfect example of this.  These items are some of the best garage wall organization systems because they ensure that tools and equipment are always accessible and easy to reach.  This is great for the enthusiastic hobbyist or the homeowner who maintains his or her own workshop.  Investing in and installing a durable peg board is the perfect strategy for keeping everything well-organized and well-maintained.  People who use peg boards to keep track of their tools often wind up spending far less on replacements than those who simply throw their costly work or hobby equipment in boxes or bins nearby.  In this way, the right garage organization ideas can spare you a lot of frustration and help you save cash.

Pull-Out Drawers

Although shelves are essential, all garage organization ideas should incorporate the use of pull-out drawers.  These can be incorporated into existing shelves by placing free-standing units on lower racks. These can also be pushed against the wall or they can be wall-mounted.  These are great for organizing and storing hardware, batteries and any other small-sized items that are not practical for shelf storage.

Things To Remember When Using Garage Organization Ideas

There are a few important points to bear in mind when putting your garage organization ideas to work.  Foremost among these is that it is always a good idea to ensure that all shelving is properly mounted or braced to prevent tipping.  Garage storage organization ideas should also allow for dramatic changes in the layout of these spaces, so that homeowners can reorganize and enhance these areas throughout the years without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money on additional storage products.

Check out this great video about garage organization ideas

Hand Painted Furniture – An Overview For The Home

The home is the center of the typical individual’s life. Because of this important reality, a person wants to make a statement with his or her residence. One of the ways in which an individual truly is able to personalize a home is through the use of hand painted furniture. There exist many different hand painted furniture ideas and strategies that a person will want to consider before embarking on a particular project.

How to Spray Paint Furniture

Many individuals elect to used spray paint when it comes to hand painted furniture. The first step in the process of spray painting furniture is to clean a piece thoroughly with warm water and a mild soap.

Once the cleaning process is completed, the furniture item must be left to dry completely. It is very important that all moisture dissipate from an item of furniture before the actual painting process commences.

Once the piece of furniture intended to be painted is dry, a light sanding should be undertaken to smooth the surface and remove and obvious imperfections. This represents that last preliminary step taken before the actual painting process.

Spray paint on the subject furniture at a distance of between 12 to 18 inches. Keep in mind that spraying to close results in runs and streaking of the paint, which is unsightly. Apply the paint by spraying in deliberate and wide sweeping motions.

Permit the paint to dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat. The amount of time that it takes for a coat of spray paint to dry depends on the type of material of which the furniture is made as well as the ambient temperature and humidity.

Once the second coat on hand painted furniture dries, many people prefer applying a coat of clear spray polyurethane as a sealant and protectant. Clear spray polyurethane extends the life of any hand painted furniture.

How to Paint Furniture Black

Typically, a spray paint primer or undercoat is unnecessary when it comes to painting furniture black. In most cases, the hue of black spray paint is sufficient to cover any underlying color. In most cases, two applications is sufficient to properly cover a piece of furniture when utilizing black spray paint.

When dealing with spray painting furniture in black, the procedure outlined a moment ago is the proper course to take.
hand painted furniture
How to Paint Furniture White

Applying white spray paint to furniture is not necessarily as easy as is painting with black. In many cases, the use of a spray undercoat is necessary before applying the white paint itself. This is particularly true if the existing color of a piece of furniture is a dark hue or a particularly vibrant color.

Before applying white spray paint, the cleaning and sanding process described earlier is followed. However, rather than moving directly to the application of the paint itself after this stage, a person needs to apply an undercoat or primer.

Once the undercoat dries thoroughly, the first coat of white spray paint can be applied, followed by a second coat and sealant.

How to Paint Furniture without Sanding

Although sanding is recommended in most cases when it comes to spray painting furniture, some people may prefer to avoid the sanding step in some limited cases. A prime instance in which a person desires to forgo sanding is if the wood of a piece of furniture has a unique or appealing texture that he or she desires to maintain. The sanding process would eliminate or at least lessen the appeal of the articular surface of a furniture piece.

When electing to sand before painting, the cleaning process nonetheless must be followed. A primer or undercoat is recommended when sanding is not being utilized prior to painting to best prepare the uneven surface of the furniture for painting.

At least two coats are necessary when applying paint to furniture that has not been sanded. In most cases, three coats of spray paint will suffice.

How to Repaint Furniture

In some cases a person desires to repaint hand painted furniture. The repainting process always begins with the cleaning of the furniture’s surface. In most cases, this is followed by a thorough sanding with one of the objectives being to remove at least a portion of the existing paint.

As has been discussed earlier, in many cases, a primer or undercoat is applied, particularly if the existing color on hand painted furniture is dark or particularly vibrant in its intensity.

In most cases, two coats of new paint is sprayed on the furniture. In rare instances, depending on the prior color of the piece or the material from which it is constructed, a third coat of spray paint may be required. As with an initial coat of spray paint, many people elect to follow the actual painting process with an application of clear spray polyurethane.

Check out this video about How to paint and sand furniture

Unpainted Furniture Online – Top Reasons To Shop

If you are looking to decorate your home with high-quality, real wood furniture, shopping for unpainted furniture online may be your best bet.  These pieces can be purchased pre-assembled or ready for you to put together.  Given that the manufacturers do not have the added costs of finishing or painting their wares, they can pass some fairly considerable savings down to you.  Best of all, with unpainted furniture, you have the option of creating the specific look that you are seeking.

Shopping For Wood Furnishings On A Low Budget

There are a number of problems that consumers can run into when shopping for wood furnishing with a relatively nominal amount of money to spend.  When it comes to in-store designs, buyers are usually going to get what they pay for.  The lowest priced options are often constructed from low-quality or defective wood.  This means that consumers will have to deal with cracks, knots, warped areas and other unsightly blemishes.  Many of the companies that make these products are careful to cover these issues up with heavy coats of paint.  Although you might not be able to see them, they can still have a significant impact on the structural integrity of different items as well as on the functionality of furniture drawers and doors among other things.

With unpainted furniture, product manufacturers have absolutely nothing to hide.  They make sure to use higher quality wood when constructing their pieces as they know that all knots, cracks and blemishes will be visible.  This is why unfinished solid wood furniture tends to last longer and look far better than painted options that can be purchased in the store.

Particle Board

Another sound reason for purchasing unfinished wood furniture online is the fact that it is guaranteed to be constructed from natural wood products.  Whether shopping via the web or in-store, consumers have to take care to discern exactly what sellers mean when advertising wood furniture.  Unfortunately, the use of particle board is all too common.  This low-grade material is likely to shred, crack and ultimately fall apart.  Moreover, it is usually pieced together in the construction of furnishings with staples, rather than nails or any other durable and reliable form of hardware.  Dressers drawers can quickly fall apart as will all other items constructed from this material.  Although they might look nice immediately after having been purchased, these options are commonly held together with little more than staples and glue.
unpainted furniture
There is another important issue that consumers should consider when investing in furnishings that are constructed from particle board.  Unlike unpainted furniture that is made from real wood, particle board is prone to off-gassing harmful chemicals like formaldehyde into the indoor environment.  This means that cheap, unfinished furnishings can have a negative impact on the indoor air quality.  This, however, is not the case with unfinished bedroom furniture made from real wood.  Thus, if you want to keep your indoor air quality high, it is best to buy unfinished furniture that is made from all-natural and durable materials.

The Joy Of A Good Do-It-Yourself Project

There are also a number of personal benefits that can be gained by investing in unpainted furniture.  Few things measure up to the satisfaction of a job well done.  Some people like tackling do-it-yourself projects simply because they make them feel good.  If you are looking for a interesting and engaging way to get your hands dirty and do something creative, this is definitely it.  From the selection of stain or paint colors to the final application, this is a project that can be entirely your own.  Best of all, you have absolute and total control over the results that you get.

Most companies sell their unpainted furniture already primed for the painting or staining process.  Thus, there is very little that you need to do in order to get optimal results.  This is true even if you have never bought unpainted furniture online and stained it yourself.  There are even online instructional videos and other learning materials that will walk you through this process so that you get optimal results.

Discover A Vast Array Of Options

There are many options in unpainted furnishings that shoppers can choose from.  You can look for bookshelves, beds, dressers, mirrors, chests, cabinets and more.  This makes it possible for consumers to get a perfectly coordinated and seamless look all throughout their entire homes.  This is far more challenging when shopping for real wood furnishings in-store and attempting to find pieces that have identical or coordinating stains.

Whether looking to decorate a single bedroom, purchase a lone bookshelf or decorate your entire home, opting to secure unpainted furnishings can be ideal.  You can save money, get quality products and recognize your design vision.  You can also play an active role in determining the final look that each new piece has.

Here’s a video that shows how to finish unpainted furniture

Garage Door Sizes – A Little Bit Of An Explanation

The garage is becoming an invaluable space for both home owners and renters alike. Moving to a new home or place is business is not always an option. Property owners often have to make the best of the space they have available to them. Private spaces for living and storage are not always easy to use when personal or family needs change. Here are a few tips for navigating the different garage door sizes.

When purchasing a new garage door always measure first. The measurement of the door is not always a standard size. It’s a good thing to know standard garage door sizes. Also, measuring is essential when deciding which style of door to choose. People who are physically unable to measure often use the services of a handyman or a contractor.

Many people are interested in using their garage for an office. Measuring to find the exact size is important when the door style is not traditional. Some property owners are interested in having natural light come into their garage. This is helpful for artists, craftsmen, or hobbyists that need natural light to work during the day.

Upgrading the garage door is useful when the garage is used as a living space. Some home owners are using their garage as a rental space for more income. Garages can be used as an exercise studio or to store household items that are not used. A well-organized garage is one way to prevent having to rent out a local storage unit.

Older wooden doors often warp and deteriorate after time. These doors often have gaps that allow pests and debris from outside to enter the garage. Faulty doors that no longer lock are a security risk. A fresh coat of paint or new siding with a new door can do wonders for how an older properties looks. Improving the curb appeal is important for maintaining property values. In addition, keeping the contents of the garage safe is of extreme importance. Theft often occurs due to garage doors that are left partly opened due to being broken. Neighbors and opportunists that frequent the neighborhood are looking for unattended entrances.

There are several different types of material finishes to consider when purchasing a new garage door. There are various garage door sizes that are made of wood or composite materials that look like several different surfaces. The surface materials on the door can mimic stone, wood, or colored siding. Some garage door sizes are adequate for metal doors and those with elaborate windows.
garage door sizes
Roll up garage doors are a traditional option for most homes. Automatic door openers that are added to these doors make it easy to enter and exit quickly. Many property owners rely heavily on these automatic door openers when driving or walking within the neighborhood.

Custom size garage doors work well for new construction or when a replacement is needed. There are doors that make it easy to enter and exit without having to roll the entire door up or down. Some doors will open in a one-sided fashion. Other custom door styles can be created with a specific image. Natural landscapes or company logos are popular choices.

Commercial garage door sizes can be customized to fit within the size restrictions of a building of any size. Upgrading the commercial door is often necessary after theft occurs and the glass or the materials on the doors are unrepairable. Glass commercial doors are often installed as a security feature. Leaving the lights on so that all tools and inventory will be visible at all times is one way to keep intruders out. Glass garage doors are also great for keeping unwanted clients or customers out of storage areas during business hours. Having the ability to see clearly into the garage is important when inventory is being stored.

Roll up garage door sizes are often standard and can be used in single or double garage doors. Many home owners prefer to manually open and close their garages. The roll up style garage doors can last for several years with proper maintenance and care. Annual maintenance of the moving parts is one way to make sure that the parts remain fluid and that rust does not set in.

There is often a full length warranty repair or replacement warranty that applies to newly purchased doors. The warranty may apply for ten years or in some cases longer. The warranty may be transferable to the next owner of the home. This is especially important if the home is being sold. Many people try to get garage door sizes they feel confident will last. Many people remodel their homes and use a portion of their home improvement loan to pay for the upgrade. Some garage door vendors do have easy to qualify for credit terms. Use these tips when upgrading a residential or commercial garage door.

Here’s a great video that talks about some standard garage door sizes

Panini Grill – Start Utilizing One Today

Panini grill popularity in the early part of the 21st century may soon equal that of the fondue pot at its peak in the 1960s. Although this Italian version of a sandwich is called a panini, if singular, the common term in the United States is the plural version, panini. Panino means, small bread roll. A panini sandwich is a fairly simple proposition. It is, stated simply, a grilled, stuffed sandwich. If an Italian makes a grilled sandwich out of sliced bread, instead of panini bread, it is referred to as toast.

How Do You Make a Panini

You will start with a panini grill, and it must be pre-heated. The most common ingredients are ham, turkey, or bacon. A cheese is added along with things like spinach, tomatoes, and anchovies. The most common breads for these sandwiches are ciabatta, focaccia, or sourdough baguette. It’s important not to have bread that is so thick it will not be cooked on the inside, but will be burned outside.

Brush olive oil on the outside of the bread and fill it with the ingredients. Swiss, provolone, and feta cheeses are the most common cheeses. Brush the other side of the bread with olive oil as well, place the sandwich on the grill, and press the top of the grill down upon the sandwich. When the bread is brown, the ridges from the grill are well-defined, and the cheese is thoroughly melted, your panini is ready.
The heat combines all the tastes of the ingredients to give the sandwich a particularly flavorful taste. It’s common for the grilling time to be between three to five minutes.

Best Panini Sandwich Recipes

Before you experiment on your own, you will probably want to know what some of the most popular panini grill recipes are, and here are a few to start with:

-Chicken Saltimbocca-

Start with a ciabatta roll split in two, and spread pesto inside. Place fontina and prosciutto inside with grilled chicken slices and fresh, chopped sage. Remember to brush the outside of the bread with olive oil. Grill until bread is golden brown and cheese is thoroughly melted.

-Roasted Beef and Onion-

Use sourdough for this, and spread dijon on the inside. Add shredded gruyere cheese, with thin slices of roasted beef, and caramelized onions. After that, add whatever leftover shredded gruyere you have, and grill.
panini grill
-Panzanella Panini-

Probably the most basic, yet scrumptious, panini you can make. Split a french roll, and spread balsamic vinegar on the two inside pieces. Place mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, and sliced tomato on the inside, and grill. It’s that simple.

Healthy Chicken Panini Recipes

-Grilled Chicken and Roasted Pepper Panini-

This one is going to take a little extra effort, but it is certainly going to be worth it when finished.
First, you’ll need a jar of sun dried tomatoes. Throw a big handful into a food processor. To this, add a squeeze of lemon, dash of salt, and a squirt of olive oil. Spoon out a generous amount of pesto in with these ingredients and put the processor to pulse just long enough to mix everything together. Next, place a freshly grilled chicken breast into a ziploc bag along with the ingredients you just mixed. Rub them all together in the bag, and refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Mix some mayonnaise together with some more of the mixture, and set that in the refrigerator as well. Roast a red bell pepper, and then grill the chicken. Slice the bell pepper into strips, and do the same with the chicken.

Take some hearty wheat bread, and for this recipe use slices. Spread the inside with more of the pesto mixture, and add the chicken, peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Spread the mayonnaise mixture on the outside of the bread and hand it over to the panini grill. If you like, you may add some artichoke hearts to really make this sandwich stand out on its own.

-Grilled Chicken and Eggplant Panini Grill-

Use a large sourdough roll for this one. Start with skinned eggplant, and make the slices less than a quarter inch thick. Coat them lightly with olive oil and minced garlic. Grill until tender, but not mushy. Spread dijon on the inside of the french roll, and then place fresh grilled strips of chicken breast in the roll. Layer a couple slices of provolone over the chicken, and then add the eggplant. After you coat the outer crust of the bread with olive oil, sprinkle it with shredded parmesan cheese, and then grill. This is a real healthy taste treat.

Best Panini Grill

There are so many styles of the panini grill, that it’s difficult to point out which ones are the best. The prices range from around $13.00 and soar into the hundreds of dollars. The best advice is to start with a low-cost grill, and that should suit your needs just fine. If you feel you need an upgrade after that, then by all means, find a more expensive panini grill. Some people make panini using just a couple of skillets. However, you do want to have the grill marks in them, and the even heating that these grills afford. Try some of these panini recipes in your house, and the popularity of this Italian grilled sandwich should continue at least through this century.

Check out this video about how to make the perfect panini

Above Ground Pool Deck Plans For All Budgets

Installing an above ground pool in your backyard involves more than just erecting the pool, which is on its own quite unappealing, but when surrounded by a beautiful deck, it can turn your backyard into the gorgeous oasis you may have only dreamed it could be. Just imagine stepping out onto a deck that incorporates your pool to make it look like an expensive in-ground pool, but at only a fraction of the cost of the real thing. With the right above ground pool deck plans, your backyard can look like a million bucks.

How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck

There are a slew of above ground pool deck plans readily available, but they aren’t all created equal. It’s crucial to buy perfectly engineered plans that will simplify the building process and ensure top-notch results. Nothing within the plans can be left to chance, as this task can be a complicated one for the average homeowner. When purchasing these plans, you must choose from a reputable company that understands the skill level of the individuals meant to build it. Precise instructions of how to build a pool deck should accompany those plans to enable the builder to easily assemble it.

above ground pool deck plans

Multi-level above ground pool deck plans that lead to your pool provide visual appeal incomparable to any other. Aesthetically pleasing, with distinct outdoor “rooms” are perfect for those that want to maximize their time spent outdoors. They are an integral part of a stunning backyard that give new meaning to outdoor entertaining and the term, “pool party.” No matter what your budget, there is a design just waiting to envelope your pool, so that it appears finished and sophisticated. It can become more glamorous with the various touches and attention to detail, like floor lights, which provide beauty and safety, as well as attractive rails and posts, which again can be lit up to sparkle after dark.

Elaborate designs will turn an ordinary backyard into a jewel–an investment worth its while, as this could easily be a selling feature, should you consider selling your home in the future. Even simpler, more affordable designs complete the pool and provide a safer surface upon which to walk–an especially important factor where water is concerned, since other surfaces may become slippery when wet. There is literally no end to the possibilities with above ground pool deck plans and designs, since they are developed by creative designers who recognize all those opportunities.

Above ground pool deck plans, as oval pools are very popular, include numerous designs from which to choose. Exciting elevations allow you to relax, unwind, and enjoy sunbathing pool side, without having look at the pool’s unsightly sides, or have to climb its unattractive ladder to refresh yourself–just jump right in! Attached or freestanding, decks are a personal choice, best  determined by the homeowner’s available area, but either will bring the best outdoor experience to a home. The important thing is to choose the above ground pool deck plans that will work with your budget and the size and shape of both your pool and your property.

Many, but not all above ground pool deck plans come with equipped with all you need to build your new deck. The above ground pool deck kits are designed to help you save time and money for a quick and easy assembly, regardless of skill, so you can enjoy swimming in your inviting pool, rather than pouring your sweat in an endless construction project.

Your newly completely deck surrounding your pool will be ideal for for lounging if your choice of above ground pool deck plans are designed according to your needs and desires. Consider how the lounging area will be used prior to making the all-important decision, and how many people will be using the pool on a regular basis. Also consider the seating on the deck, so that it can accommodate your family as well as guests, depending on your lifestyle and entertaining habits.

Use your imagination to its fullest when envisioning your beautiful backyard in all its glory. The above ground pool deck plans you commit should also respond to some decor elements that will make it even more appealing, such as potted plants, lounge chairs on one side, a patio table and chairs or a living room on the other side, and flowers and stones around its perimeter at the base, for example. Continue to imagine your new deck as it would look after the sun sets, and how it can be just as appealing and dramatic as in the daytime. Take your time and use your own creativity and imagination, and you’ll undoubtedly be satisfied, as you’ll have considered all the important factors to provide the confidence you need to make a wise decision.

Check out this great video showing how to build a deck around a pool

Mirror Furniture Bedroom Sets Tips And Info

Mirrored bedroom furniture sets are those whose surfaces wouldn’t typically hold a mirror are made out of mirrored glass. For instance, the surface of your dresser drawers may be covered with mirrors and yet they’d still have a knob in the center. This is what distinguishes mirror furniture from items that contain mirrors for a functional purpose (i.e. a vanity).

Origins of This Furniture

Many people are unfamiliar with mirror bedroom furniture today but this mirror furniture has actually been popular throughout various times in history. It’s also been popular with various cultures throughout various cultures in history as well. While you may not be familiar with this style of furniture yourself, there are still a lot of people who find it to be quite glamorous because of its association with Hollywood.

Various Styles of This Furniture

There are actually a lot of different types of mirror furniture available to choose from today. Some of it has tinted mirrors or unusual curved designs. Additional designs are occasionally added to this type of furniture via etching. This is a great way in which to have designs printed onto the furniture. Tiling mirrors in mosaic patterns is also done to achieve a designed pattern. While this furniture is still being made today, there are people who appreciate, and thus collect, vintage furniture with these etching and tiling designs.

How This Furniture Is Constructed

It will depend upon the mirror furniture item in question when it comes to the way in which it has been designed. One thing will typically remain the same regardless of the piece in question: This furniture isn’t made entirely out of glass because then it would be way too delicate. Instead, mirrors are typically incorporated onto the furniture’s various flat surfaces so that whenever you look at its entire outward appearance, it appears to be made out of glass. If you have an upholstered item, then the mirrors are typically incorporated in such a way as to minimize the risk of the item breaking or you encountering something that’s unpleasantly sharp.

Why People Enjoy This Furniture

There are a lot of people who like this type of furniture. They tend to think that it’s glamorous. However, you should know that there are actually numerous benefits to mirror furniture. For instance, mirrors will match any color scheme that you may already have in the room. Additionally, the stream lined look that occurs whenever you put a lot of mirrors together actually fit well with styles that aren’t mirrored. This means that individual pieces are able to be easily incorporated into diverse designs. While they may not provide these rooms with the illusion of space, they will cast light throughout the room, which can be especially appealing if you enjoy using candles on a frequent basis.
Mirror furniture
Drawbacks to This Furniture

There are a few problems that come with using mirror furniture:
1. It can be inconvenient to clean. Unfortunately, glass surfaces don’t hide dust or fingerprints very easily. However, tinted mirrors do take less time to clean.
2. It can sometimes break quite easily. Therefore, special care needs to be taken whenever you’re moving the furniture because cracked mirrors can also be quite unappealing. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive and difficult to repair this type of furniture because craftsmen are difficult to find, particularly in certain areas.

Even with these drawbacks there are still a lot of aesthetic benefits to having this type of furniture. For many people, these benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

Considerations When Buying This Furniture

One of the main things that you have to keep in mind whenever you are buying mirror furniture for in your bedroom is just how much reflection you really want to have in the room. A lot of styles break up the mirrors in a way that every angle is very reflective. This is because the mirrors are either small, curved or tinted so as to reduce the reflection while maintaining the material’s shininess, which is great for furniture parts that may be distracting if they were to be covered with a truly flat mirror (i.e. the front of the dresser). There are also some styles whose mirrors are very reflective, which is great if you want something to be reflected (i.e. when placed against some wallpaper) or you want to use it as a traditional mirror.

Where to Buy This Furniture

While there are a lot of places where you can find mirrored bedroom furniture for sale, it can be somewhat expensive if you don’t know where to find mirrored furniture cheap. Whenever you’re looking for mirrored furniture for less you may want to see if a second hand store has a mirrored furniture sale. Sometimes that’s the best way to save money on the mirror furniture you enjoy so much.

Here’s a nice video showing how to do a DIY mirrored dresser

Roll Up Garage Doors And Their Advantages

Any individual who has ever had to go to the car in bad weather, while fumbling for the keys to the garage would already be aware of what roll up garage doors can do.  Roller garage doors are quite simple, both in operation and design.  They comprise aluminum or steel rollers that are fixed above the openings and a flexible horizontal door is attached to the roller.  The door is made out of a series of interconnected long and narrow sections of fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum.  There are guide rails made from aluminum or steel permanently affixed to the walls on both sides of the opening; their function is to guide the long sections of the door.

When the door is rolled up, the various interconnected sections are rolled onto the roller and stored neatly out of sight.  Some designs have wider pieces that follow the overhead guides and are flatly stored against the ceiling.  When pulled down, the narrow sections follow the guides, closing to form a door that looks solid.  Metal roll up garage doors are very sturdy and durable and have the capacity to withstand light knocks; however, they will dent from excessive pressure.  Metal roll up doors prices vary based on design and other factors.

Roll up commercial garage doors are a lot more robust in comparison to their domestic counterparts.  For added strength, they are typically made of rolled steel sections.  These specialized doors are normally found on commercial premises like stores, auto repair garages, industrial units and warehouses.  The mechanism that raises and lowers the doors can be either motorized or manually operated and can be remotely controlled as well.

Advantages of Roll Up Garage Doors

The primary benefits of these garage doors are their ease of use and unobtrusiveness.  Since they are fairly lightweight, a woman can easily operate them.  Heavier types of garage doors require more strength to operate.  Of course the mechanically operated garage doors are not included; however, small roll up garage doors that are operated mechanically typically use less power in comparison to other types.

Aside from enabling individuals to quickly unlock their homes and park their vehicles, particularly in bad weather or when the individual is extremely tired, roll up garage doors also enable homeowners to utilize the space for storage purposes.  Not every homeowner uses their garage for his or her cars; some use their garage to perform functions such as being a storage space, playroom for the kids, a work space for woodworking projects or a home gym.  At the same time, roll up garage doors are a space saver since no floor space is taken up.   Traditional garage doors are the opposite of that, given that distance and space will have to be considered carefully when these enclosures swing open.

Metal roll up doors are more conducive to being frequently opened and closed.  This is an indication that they will last a lot longer than other designs before needing repair and maintenance.  This advantage is among the long term cost saving benefits.  Even though, at the outset, they are typically more expensive than their counterparts, they will actually save homeowners money over time.
roll up garage doors

There are a number of different designs in which roll up garage doors are available and this allows individuals to select the doors that best complements the exterior of the home.  The roller doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colors as well.  Regardless of the design that is used on the home, there is sure to be a roll up garage door that perfectly blends into the exterior of the home or stands out and make a bold statement if that is the preference of the homeowner.

Looking back, all those years ago, to when these roller garage doors were introduced to the market and seeing the changes that they have undergone since then, it is quite refreshing to realize that the design of the roll up doors has not really changed a lot in all the time that has passed.  This is an indication that the doors were well designed from the very beginning and did not require a lot of modifications as the years went by.


With the roller garage doors, a garage door sensor can be used to enhance the safety of the doors.  This device is included with some of more modern garage doors but they will have to be separately installed on older garage doors.  The sensor detects anything that is in its path like an object, a pet or an individual.  If there is something in its path, the door will stop its descent and roll back up.

Roll up garage doors are durable structures that are designed to last for many decades. This indicates safety and security for everyone and everything involved in their usage.

This video gives some great features of the roll up garage door

Garage Door Openers – Everything You Need To Know About Choosing Them

There is a lot that goes into choosing garage door openers.  Not only do consumers need to focus on home security, ease of use and accessibility, but they also need to consider the costs of these products and how well they have stacked up in consumer reviews.  The garage is one of the most important home entrances and shoppers must find options that make it easy for them to get safely into and out of the home, while ensuring that unwanted visitors are kept out.  Following is a complete guide to choosing garage door openers along with tips for valuating garage door opener reviews.

The Different Garage Door Opener Designs

There are basically three types of garage door openers that consumers can choose from.  These include screw drive, train drive and belt drive designs.  Belt drives tend to be high-end and very quiet.  They are ideal for garages that are attached to the property as people can get in and get out without causing a lot of noise disturbance.  Chain drives are flexible and thus, they tend to work well on just about any door type.  These have a lot of power and they are made for lifting heavy doors.  They are the most popular option of the three.  Screw drives work on single doors that have tilted designs.  They are durable and though they are not as quiet as belt drives, they are not as loud as train drives and are often available at a very nominal cost.  Buyers will need to think about the weight of their doors, how their doors open and their preferred noise volumes when considering these three design options.

How To Replace A Garage Door Opener

The easiest way to replace your opener is by working with a local garage door service.  These professionals will not only complete the install process for you, but they will also assist with the selection of your new unit.  They maintain strong relationships with top supply companies and tend to have the best ability to determine which models will work best for specific needs.  If you intend to tackle this process alone, however, you can rely on online instructional videos, manufacturer instructions and other resources that will walk you through this process.

Horse Power

The amount of horse power that you need your unit to have will be dependent upon the weight of your door.  People typically require options with 1 horsepower in order to lift the heaviest door designs.  3/4 horsepower works well for some heavy models but may not be sufficient for larger and more ornate door designs. 1/2 horsepower should be sufficient for a small and relatively lightweight door.  Openers with 1/2 horsepower are highly popular.
garage door openers
What Consumers Are Saying

Buyers will need to learn how to effectively valuate product reviews when shopping for new openers for their garage doors.  It is not sufficient to simply read through the testimonials that are placed on a manufacturer or seller’s website.  It is far better to check around for feedback on the sites of third-parties or to look for reputable consumer ratings platforms.  This is essential for avoiding clever marketing campaigns that have been dressed up to look like genuine responses from actual consumers.  It is also the surest way to find the best garage door opener for your budget and your needs.

Fingerprint Recognition Technology And Other Features

The average garage door opener cost will generally increase quite a bit when new features and functions are added to these devices.  One of the latest innovations in these products is the addition of fingerprint recognition technology.  Rather than merely pressing a button on these devices and gaining automatic access to the home, people must wait to have their fingertips scanned and matched to the fingerprints that have been stored in the unit.  Thus, if the opener is ever dropped, there is little fear of having strangers access the interior of the property.

There are even options that will continue to work for several hours, without the benefit of household power.  These make it possible for consumers to get safely into and out of their homes, after local power supplies have failed.  If you are asking the question, “How much do garage door openers cost?”, you should know that the answer will depend greatly upon the number of extra features an option has. For shoppers who are willing to spend up a bit, there are definitely some impressive features worth looking into.

Using Mobile Apps In Place Of Garage Door Openers

Rapid advances in mobile technology have prompted some consumers to transition from using standard remotes for garage door openers to mobile phone apps.  With these, people can use their cell phones or tablets to activate their garage doors at a very nominal cost.  Unfortunately, this technology is not offering consumers the greatest measure of convenience or protection.  When cell phones and tablets are lost, the security of the home is compromised.  This is especially true given that tablets and cell phones often contain highly sensitive information about their users. For these and many other reasons, it is far better to stick with traditional controllers for garage door openers rather than opting to use a mobile app instead.  Thus, if you find that you need more than one opening device for your home, check around for garage door openers that feature several controllers, rather than attempting to use a mobile device as an alternate controller or as the primary one.

Here’s a helpful video if your having problems with garage door openers

Thermal Curtains – A Great Way To Stay Warm

Window covering or draperies is always a major decision, when decorating the home’s interior. There are advantages and disadvantages of each. However, if you’re looking for window treatments that help maintain the temperature of the room and block light at the same time, thermal curtains are the best choice.

There are many benefits of hanging insulated drapes. They do a much better job of blocking light than other types of curtains. A person who works nights can sleep better in a dark room, by keeping the sun out during the day. The drapes can be pulled back upon waking. Thermal curtains are great for anyone on the third shift at work.

Insulated draperies protect a home’s furniture. Sun coming through windows can fade fabric and make a favorite sofa or chair look dull quickly. The sun’s UV rays can damage fabric, as well as wood finishes. Furniture is often an investment that costs thousands of dollars. Preventing sun damage to furniture will allow you to get maximum use out of this investment and help keeping it looking presentable.

Insulated drapes help protect house plants from getting too much sun and burning. A window that gets sun all day may allow plants to get too much light, especially when days are longer. Having the ability to block the light will help keep plants in balance and looking healthy. They are more likely to bloom or bear fruit at the expected times.

Thermal curtains are ideal for many different home layouts. They will work for offices as well. The draperies available today come in many styles and colors. Rod pocket, tab top, and grommet top are some of the choices offered. Whether your home’s interior is contemporary or traditional, there is a style of insulated drapes to accentuate the decor and maintain the look you want.

The rod pocket drapery is a more traditional style that forms narrow creases and folds. Insulated drapers can be used over sheer panels or with other lighter panels, for a layered look. Tab top panels are suitable for homes with a modern look. They are typically hung by themselves. Grommet top panels are hung by themselves as well.

Grommet top panels provide a seamless look and are suitable for wide or narrow windows. They also let more of the decorative rod show. Tab top panels look best with windows of average width, as the folds are wider and more distinct. Both grommet and tab top panels can be hung on wood, brass, black, or silver rods. The rods can be as simple or as ornate as you desire.

thermal curtains

The thermal curtains available in stores come in a wide range of fabrics. Textured or woven fabrics add interest to a room or a plain window. Damask and cotton duck are some of the fabrics that add texture. Cotton is suitable for an understated look and works well with sheer panels.

Microfiber is another popular fabric for thermal curtains. It’s easy to care for and does not easily wrinkle. Microfiber is a smoother fabric that gives the room a softer look. Velvet is another fabric choice in insulated window coverings. It provides a softer, but more elegant look in a room.

Among the choices in lined window treatments are various sizes, colors, and patterns. Lengths will typically range from 36 to 120 inches. Shorter sizes are suitable for hanging in the bedroom, bath, kitchen, or home office. Longer panels give the home a softer look and are ideal for formal dining rooms, living rooms, sliding patio doors, and bedrooms with classic decor.

If more interest is wanted, thermal curtains come in many different prints, including narrow and wide stripes, bubbles, color block, animal prints, fleur de lis, leaves, and tropical plant life. Black out drapes in a print of two or more colors give plain walls and solid colored furniture a much-needed lift. Adding a few coordinating throw pillows will complete the look.

Sun blocking draperies not only add style and block out UV rays. They can add warmth to a room in the winter, while providing a cozy atmosphere. Many people choose them because there is no need to hang another pair of lighter panels behind them. Black out drapes can also help keep homes and rooms cooler in the summer, by blocking the sun that can heat up a room.

There are so many choices in thermal shades for windows, that it may be difficult to decide on the right look. Black thermal curtains provide an interesting contrast to light walls. White panels can be a nice accent for bolder colors. Anyone who wants to keep out light and sun can find a suitable window covering. Most retail stores that sell home goods carry several choices in various price ranges. Cheap thermal curtains can cost as little as $10, for an 83″ panel, or as much as $60 per panel, for designer brands.


Here’s a great video on how to make thermal curtain linings

Shower Chair And Other Items To Equip Your Home With To Care for an Elderly Relative

Taking on the care of an aging relative is a huge task. There are many factors to consider when deciding to become an elder caregiver. One of the most important considerations is making sure your home is equipped for their care. By preparing your home with the right supports, including a shower chair,  you will be in the best position to care for your elderly loved one.

Clear Obstructions

If your elderly relative has problems walking or uses mobility devices, you will need to take special care to make sure they can get around easily. Remove throw rugs that can cause them to slip. Remove doors to make doorways wider for wheelchairs. Install night lights to make it easier for them to navigate in the dark.

Make Mobility Easy

An elderly relative who uses a wheelchair may find it difficult to get in and out of the home. Consider installing a ramp outside to make the transition inside easier. If you live in a ranch home, stairs are not a consideration. However, if your home occupies more than one level, consider moving your relative to the lower level of the home so they don’t have to climb stairs.

Some caregivers install stair lifts so that their loved one can move freely throughout the house.

Make the Sleeping Area Comfortable

Your loved one’s sleeping area should be as comfortable and accessible as possible. If they require medical care, consider buying a hospital-style bed with rails to make it easy for you to deliver care. This type of bed can be raised and lowered so they can get in and out of it easily.

Fill their sleeping area with personal effects such as their photos, books, blankets and pillows. This will not only brighten the room but raise their spirits. It can also help seniors who have memory problems to keep their minds sharp.

Make sure that closets are clean and organized neatly to avoid clutter. Stacks of boxes on high shelves can fall on your loved one, causing injury. A cluttered closet can also lead make it difficult for him to find what he needs, leading to rummaging and falls.
shower chair
Make the Bathroom Accessible

For seniors who are living in a home, bathroom accessibility is key. There are several measures you can take to make your bathroom as senior friendly as possible. First, make sure the floor’s surface is textured to prevent slips and falls. Then can be done by adding carpeting or rugs in the bathroom.

Adjusting the height of the toilet is also an important consideration. Use rails and seat supports to make it easier for your loved one to access the toilet on their own. Ideally, the bathroom will be on the main floor, close to the senior’s bedroom, if possible. If this is not possible, a stair lift will help him get to the bathroom quickly.

Install grab bars around the walls and toilet area to make it easier for seniors to support themselves. Add grips onto the bars to make it easier to hold on. Grab bars should be able to support up to 300 pounds of weight, and should be installed by a professional for maximum effectiveness.

Bathing and Showering

Many seniors want to bathe and shower alone. A shower chair will make it safer and easier for them to sit comfortably while they shower. When combined with a hand held shower head, a shower chair is the perfect way to allow them the independence of bathing without worrying about safety.

To install a shower chair, consult a professional who can start your bathroom remodeling project quickly. The shower chair can be used in conjunction with your existing shower or bathtub.

Installing a walk in tub and shower bench is another way to give your loved one the independence he needs when bathing. These tubs are large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers and canes. Also called roll-in showers or baths, these tubs are level with the floor and provide a door that can be opened to allow the bather access. No longer does your loved one have to climb into the tub. When combined with a shower chair, a roll in tub and shower chairs for elderly can make it easy for your relative to bathe with dignity.

Make sure there is a working phone in the bathroom or an alarm system so that he can indicate if he needs help. A shower bench will allow him to sit comfortably until help arrives.

When it comes to caring for an elderly relative in your home, it can be a tough job. Getting your home equipped for care giving requires planning and forethought. By installing stair lifts, a shower chair, accessible beds, a shower stool and ramps, you will make it easier for both your elderly relative and yourself.

Get the right accessible accessories today. From the shower chair to the grab bar, hallway lighting and non-slip rug, every piece plays an important role when you are caring for an elderly relative.

Check out this great video about how to make the bathroom safer for your elderly parent

Beaded Curtains – Working With Them In The Home

When looking for ways to decorate your home’s inner space, you will have a wide variety of different furnishing options to work with. Among the obvious, such as new articles of furniture and floor options, individuals may also consider working with beaded curtains. This is because they  are able to effectively close off the space in a room while providing decorative options for both doorways and open spaces. Different types of these curtains can be readily arranged to work with different spaces in your home, so long as you take into consideration the type of decor that you want to establish. Much like any other article of furniture, it is a good idea to find color and thematic options that complement each other. If you plan on decoratively clashing the colors and styles of these curtains, it is always recommended to keep the theme in mind when arranging them in the home. Because of how well they can act as doorways between different rooms, their styles can be effortlessly mixed and matched between rooms, acting as the blend between the two styles of decoration.

Bead Curtains for Doors

One of the most effective ways to utilize beaded curtains in the home is as doorway decorators and transitions between rooms. Because of their chic design and the various color options that can be selected to work with the curtains, there are several way in which they can be effortlessly implemented into the room. Different beads may be chosen as well, and if you live in a studio apartment, then the beaded curtains may be utilized to divide the space in a stylish and thematic way. Unlike with full dividers or foldable wall sections, these curtains work in a different way because of the spacing between the strings of beads in the curtains. Spacing options may be looked into depending on how opaque or transparent you plan on establishing the curtains in the home. More often than not, more opaque options may be selected to create a more enclosing experience with the beads. Experimenting with different styles and colors is highly recommended, as you will be able to better define the unique atmosphere and incorporating the curtain elements in the home. Different materials may also be considered in the beads, and some beads may feature translucent and neon colors, while others may contain traditional patterns and designs attractively showcased on wooden surfaces.
beaded curtains
How to Make Beaded Curtains

For those who are interested in making their own beaded curtains, the process is very easy and enjoyable. It can allow you to plan for a more personal type of environment, as you will be able to customize the curtains yourself, selecting beads and themes and colors. Through this process, you will be able to decorate your home space in a way that is truly unique, creating stylistic functions that are ideal for your living space. The process begins as easily as finding a proper station to which you can affix the strings, and then selecting the beads that you want to line on the strings. Keep in mind that patterns and designs can all be done with the proper order of the beads, so planning ahead is crucial, especially if you would like to use opaque distancing to create an attractive image on the curtain. For simple patterns, selecting a few colors can be a good way to begin lining up the beads, arranging according to how you want them to line up. This can result in different fades and gradients, as well as different finishes that depend on how far you space the strings between each other.

Metal Beaded Curtains

Among the more popular materials that are used for beaded curtains are metal beads that can be lined along the strings much like any other material. However, unlike other materials, metal beads have additional functionality in the form of magnetism and specialized patterns and designs that focus on minimalistic aesthetics. What this means is that beaded curtains will better stay in place and establish a more organized type of atmosphere in the environment, because of how immediately they can adhere to a certain type of arrangement. After these beads are passed through, they will typically line back up and establish the pattern that was designed on their surface. These beads are better suited to more modern and crisp decors, though darker colors will be able to blend with more traditional furnishings. This is as long as the area is established appropriately. Metal bead curtains are favorites in shorter hallways and kitchen areas, though ultimately their arrangement and final design is up to the decorator. Depending on the shape and size of the beads that are chosen for these curtains, they can be arranged better with other curtain types, often right behind one another to better transition into a new area of the home.

Here’s a nice video on how to make beaded curtains

French Style Furniture – Create A Cozy Home

Creating a charming, welcoming home is easy with French style furniture. French style furniture lends a relaxed, comfortable feel to a home and is a good way to add texture, color, interest and personality to a home. French country furniture is sometimes referred to as shabby chic and can be used throughout your home so you can design a cohesive look that gives your house a designer touch. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom and beyond, French style furniture offers a look and feel you can customize with custom fabrics, color choices and materials; so designing a look that matches your taste and budget is easy with French style furniture.

One of the hallmarks of French style furniture is the worn or distressed look most pieces feature. Part of the charm of French provincial furniture is the lived in look each piece has. Paint is intentionally sanded away on corners, on detailed, carved or raised pieces of French country furniture. Colors such as pale yellow, blues, greens and off whites are commonly used on French style furniture and finding coordinating fabrics is easy. French country bedroom suites with comforters and coordinating bedding in gingham print, toile, florals or stripes can make a bedroom feel relaxing, welcoming and like a retreat of comfort and serenity. French country bedroom furniture sets are perfect for master bedrooms, guest rooms and even children’s bedrooms. A bed, dresser and bedside tables in French country style can be changed with a simple coat of paint or new bed coverings to update and refresh the look and to grow as children age and their tastes change. Since French provincial bedroom furniture has classic lines and styling, it will never look dated or out of style and with simple periodic updates, it will always look and feel fresh and modern. Add a water carafe, glass and a bouquet of lavender to the bedside table and your guests will feel like they have been transported to a countryside bed and breakfast in France.

A French country farm table makes a lovely place to gather the family and enjoy meals together. Many French country tables feature warm wood tones, showcase the natural variations in wood grain and pattern and feature distressing details such as wormholes, divets and other character enhancing treatments that make the table feel approachable, well worn and inviting. Dress your table with a simple mason jar full of fresh wild flowers or a vase of lemons and basil leaves for a French country look and feel that is welcoming, homey and provides the perfect finishing touch without making the table look stiff or formal.
French style furniture
French provincial kitchens are the heart of the home and make a great place to cook, gather and enjoy family. Beautifully carved cabinetry, natural stone or tile counter tops and classic French country accessories can make any kitchen feel like it came out of southern France. Large, over sized porcelain sinks or apron sinks are the perfect choice for French style kitchens. Roosters, chickens, and colors common to the south of France such as sage, pale yellow and cream can be incorporated into your kitchen design to make it look like a scene from the French countryside. Hang a pot rack over your kitchen island and deck it out with copper bottom pots and pans to recreate the look of a French bistro in your own home while keeping your pots and pans close and hand and easy to access. Of course, no French kitchen would be complete without a wine rack. Choose an iron or wooden wine rack to store your wines and incorporate an element of everyday life in France by enjoying a glass of wine with your meal. For kitchen lighting ideas, incorporate lanterns and lighting fixtures made of iron with scroll details, roosters, weather vanes and other classic French country style icons for a complete and cohesive look.

Outfitting your home with French style furniture will give you instant charm, style, comfort and a welcoming feel that you will love. Approachable, easy, casual and stylish, French style furniture can be used in every room of your home to make it feel like an escape to the French countryside. While some decorating styles come and go, classic French style furnishings will always be in style. French style furnishings offer a designer look with a inviting feel that makes a home cozy, warm and welcoming. The French country style has endured and become a hot design trend for years because it is approachable, achievable, easy to live with and compliments the lifestyle of many of today’s families. When you are ready to update the look of your home or decorate a new home, look to French country style for inspiration and create a cozy home that you will love for years to come.

Here’s a great video with more examples of French style furniture

Living Room Furniture Sets – Some Decorating Tips

The living room is well-named; it is where many prefer to relax, bring guests, pursue entertainment, and live in general. When decorating from scratch, the options available in living room furniture sets make an excellent starting point that takes care of the major elements standard to living rooms. Sets have the advantage of unified styles and harmonious colors without having to hunt through different stores and worry about matching shades and materials. With a bit of planning, decorating with living room furniture sets is simple and enjoyable.

Basic Elements of Living Room Furniture Sets

Furniture sets come in varying sizes and with varying elements, but no matter how large or small, they cover the basic needs of the room’s furniture. Smaller sets tend to focus on comfortable seating, while larger sets include tables and even lighting. The seating options can include sofas, love seats, armchairs, and ottomans. End tables, coffee tables, and cocktail tables are among the available options for surfaces. Table lamps round out the larger sets, which can be placed on living room stands to add complementary sources of illumination with the other matching pieces.

Finding the Perfect Fit in Living Room Furniture

Size is very important in choosing among living room furniture sets, both in the dimensions of the available space and in the pieces in the chosen set. Sketching out a quick floor plan is one good way to make sure of sufficient space. Another is to set out tape outlines or lay out sheets of newspaper in the dimensions of the desired furniture. Measurements need not be perfectly precise, but should be close enough to maintain clearance around doors and sufficient space for walkways. When measuring, also be sure that the pieces you want will all fit through available openings; this avoids frustration upon delivery.

Balancing Structural Elements and Furnishings

Room size is only one factor when planning on living room decor. Another is to bring the structural elements of the room into balance with the preferred choices in living room furniture sets. A picture window, a fireplace, or other built-in features like shelving or window seats must be kept in mind when deciding on the ideal set and the placement of its pieces. A television does not need to be the focal point of a living room; drawing the eye to other features lends to a more social setting.
living room furniture sets
Material Matters

Living room furniture comes in a variety of materials, levels of durability, and styles. Planning for the ideal materials in living room furniture sets is also important. A house with young children should be furnished with stain resistant, sturdy pieces that will survive the energy and accidents of adolescence. A house for a single person who only shares the space with occasional guests can stand to be decorated with more elegance in mind, allowing for delicate pieces. Pets also should be considered when making choices; some fabrics hold up to claws better than others, and some surfaces make cleaning stray hairs much easier.

Furniture Arrangements with Purpose

Without an idea of how the pieces will be arranged, choosing the perfect fit will be impossible. Deciding on the room’s main purpose and picking a focal point are the first steps toward the goal of ideal arrangement. If entertaining guests and encouraging conversation are the intended uses of the room, pieces should be placed to create an intimate setting. If the focus will be visual entertainment, then the television should have greater import when deciding on arrangement. Necessary cords, cables, and wires should be considered in this case, as well as the possibility for advanced speaker arrangement. Traffic flow is another important element. One tip for a pleasantly decorated living room is to avoid shoving all the furniture against the walls, which helps with movement about the room.

Following Space and Budget Restrictions

When exploring living room ideas on a budget, the wide variety of possible living room furniture sets is narrowed to more limited choices. It can be difficult to find the balance between quality pieces of furniture that will last and those pieces of furniture that a smaller budget can afford. Smaller sets with the most essential pieces will allow for a comfortable space in which to relax and converse. This holds true when deciding on living room ideas for small spaces as well. Generally a good rule of thumb is to have a large coffee table or cocktail table, but in a limited space this is impossible. Long, narrow tables can serve to break up negative space instead when sufficient room is available.

With couches, recliners or armchairs, love seats, and ottomans in matching material, and tables of various sizes and heights to complement the seating, furnishing a living room attractively can be accomplished in one simple step. A bit of planning beforehand will ensure greater success in the final result, as well as serving to fulfill the desired vision. Living room furniture sets make decorating easy.


Check out this great video with more living room furniture sets

Rock Garden Ideas – 5 Ideas To Create Beautiful Landscaping For Your Home

Rock gardens are a great way to create a long lasting landscaping design for your home. You can create rock landscaping ideas for front yard, rock garden ideas for small yards or easy rock garden ideas. This is an easy type of garden that you can create for your home, which can also incorporate other elements. These 5 rock garden ideas and tips will help you to create the perfect rock gardens for your home:

1. Front yard rock gardens – You want the front of your home to have curb appeal. A rock garden is an excellent way to add appeal to your home. There are some things that you will not want to do though. For rock garden ideas for the front yard, you may not want to have large rocks that interfere with the view. You can use small and medium sized rocks to create a rock garden that is a focal point for your front yard.

2. Creating rock gardens in small spaces – It can be difficult to create landscaping for small spaces. One solution is to create a rock garden. You may think that you have to have a lot of space for rock gardens, but they can be created in even the smallest yards. You will just need to scale things down to create a rock garden that captures that attention of visitors. One way to do this is by using smaller rocks and a variety of them. By using different types of rocks, you will be able to create a garden with contrasting colors that is attractive.

3. Moss rock garden – Rock gardens may not have a lot of plant life in their design, but you can merge moss and rock gardens to create the perfect design for your landscaping. Moss is easy to grow, and will only need a little bit of shade and water. You can even make it grow on the rocks in your garden by creating a solution of finely ground moss and buttermilk to spray on rocks in your garden. This will give your rock garden a dynamic feel and life.

4. Rock gardens with water features – If you decide to add moss to your rock garden, you may also want to add water features. You can use water features to help make moss grow in your rock garden. Water and rocks also make a great combination, which you can also add fish and aquatic pants too. If you want to make your rock garden a little more interesting, adding water is a great idea.

5. Incorporating natural elements into rock gardens – There are a lot of natural elements that you can add to your rock garden. These can be things like plants, moss or fish if you have water. Adding some shade to a rock garden can be great for plants that thrive in an environment with little sunlight such as mosses.
rock garden ideas
How To Start Creating Your Rock Garden With These Awesome Rock Garden Ideas

Here you’ll learn how to make a small rock garden. Once you have rock garden ideas you want to use in your garden, you will be ready to start your garden. It is easy to get the rock garden you want. You can use the rocks that you have available, use landscaping materials, or even create your own synthetic rocks.

You will need to prepare the area where you plan on starting your rock garden. If you have any plants or materials in the way, these things will have to be removed. You want to start with a nice clean space. Of course, if there are already rocks where you plan on starting your rock garden, you can just leave them there to work around them.

One of the great things about a rock garden is that is can be anything you imagine. You can create themes and designs, and incorporate different designs into your garden. You imagination is the only limitation when you are creating a rock garden. You may not want to just pile rocks up in a pile, but rather take them and create something magical with them. The more interesting the forms you create — the more interesting your rock garden will be.

Incorporating Other Elements Into Your Rock Garden

There are also other elements that you can incorporate into your rock garden. The concept of a rock garden is something that should be easy to maintain. It should also not need constant care and planting like a traditional garden would need. No preparation, planning, and planting. You will just create it, and it will grow with the ideas that you have to make it grow.

You can add things like moss and water to create additional elements to your rock garden ideas. Moss is something that can easily be added, and it will add color to your garden. And, if you add a water feature to your garden, then the moss will do much better. Water features will require some maintenance, but if you create something like a small stream and pond, you can limit the maintenance needs of your garden. Rock gardens can also be center pieces of landscaping design with these features – let your imagination run wild with these rock garden ideas.

Here’s a great video with some more rock garden ideas

How to Paint Wood Furniture – A Guide

Wooden furniture pieces can get a new lease on life via an application of paint.  Doing so is a relatively simple process that requires a dedicated amount of time and a few basic tools.  This project is ideal for weekend warriors and DIY enthusiasts.  When it comes to finishes and color schemes, the possibilities are limitless.  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to paint wood furniture:

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Prepare For the Project

For enclosed areas, open all doors and windows for proper ventilation and cover the floor with drop cloths.  Place the piece of furniture on the covered floor and before starting the project, put a face mask on; gloves would be great as well.

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Remove the Hardware

For a furniture piece like a dresser or chest of drawers, it is important to remove all attached hardware before painting.  This prevents paint from getting on the hardware and it also ensures adequate coverage of the entire piece; this is ideal, especially when new hardware will be placed on the furniture.

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Patch with Wood Filler

Wood filler should be applied to the damaged areas of the furniture and a putty knife should be used to get rid of the excess; allow it to dry properly.  If new hardware will be used, fill the old holes from the previous hardware.  Use the putty knife to scrape flush and leave to dry.

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Sand the Surface

A hand sander can be used on large pieces, while a sandpaper block or regular sheets on sandpaper can be used on smaller pieces of furniture.  The aim is to remove protective lacquer or varnish on the surface of the wood; this makes the primer coat adhere more easily to the wood.  Indentations like scrollwork should be thoroughly sanded and given careful attention.  The same should be done on areas to which wood filler was applied to get an even surface.

How to Repaint Wood Furniture: Remove Sanding Residue

Use a clean tack cloth to gently remove the residue for a clean surface.  A mild detergent can be used to wipe the surface, if necessary; dry with a soft cloth.

how to paint wood furniture

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Prime the Furniture

Use a roller and a paintbrush to gently apply an even coat of primer.  The paintbrush should be used along edges, corners and other areas that are hard to reach.  The roller should be used on areas that are wide and without contours.  Leave the primer to thoroughly dry before painting the furniture.

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to go over the primed surface.  This will assist the paint in better bonding to the primer.  Ensure that a tack cloth is used to wipe away any residue before painting the surface.  This is a great tip on how to paint unfinished wood.

How to Paint Old Wood Furniture: Painting

Use the roller to paint wood furniture first and then use the brush to fine tune.  For best results, use a foam roller to paint the even surfaces. Then use even brush strokes to go over the painted areas, carefully focusing on areas where paint cannot be applied with rollers; leave to dry thoroughly. Then, inspect the furniture for areas that have not been covered completely by the paint.

A wood conditioner would make the job easier, by slowing down the drying edge and enabling a more even paint job.  If the paint dries too quickly, it could look uneven or patchy.  Wood conditioners will not change the color of the paint.

A good quality paintbrush should be used for the project.  Substandard brushes cause the project to have an inferior look; the coverage will most likely not be uniformed and loose bristles can detach and get stuck in the paint.  Although slightly more costly, a good paintbrush is worth the price and can last for several years, with proper care.  This is the best way to paint wood furniture.

If necessary, apply a second coat of paint.  Sometimes a coat of primer and a single coat of paint will not provide the professional look that is being sought.  Allow the first coat to dry overnight or for a minimum of 6 hours and then apply another coat to the piece.

How to Paint Wood Furniture: Seal the Paint Job

When the paint is completely dry, apply a protective sealant or lacquer to safeguard against scratches and nicks.  Applying sealant or lacquer will add a slight glossiness to the piece as well.  This feature complements a number of different decorating schemes.  It is important to allow the sealant to dry thoroughly before moving the furniture to where it will be utilized.  Applying a sealant is totally optional.

Follow those guidelines above on how to paint wood furniture for the best possible results.

Here’s another great video about how to paint wood furniture

Oak Bedroom Furniture – Making The Right Selections

If you have a home that is decorated with traditional, rustic furnishings, it can be a good idea to further expand on that design. While modern homes that feature contemporary designs have been receiving a lot of attention lately, there is little that can beat coming home to a cozy home, decorated with rich earthy tones and comfortable accents. The bedroom is one of the most versatile areas to decorate with such furniture options, and oak bedroom furniture can help establish a unique and attractive style. This is especially true when paired with other colors. Sometimes the presence of the oak bedroom furniture can allow for many different variations in the overall design of the room. A lot of times to the point where other traditional items can be replaced with more modern ones, so as to gracefully blend the two styles. No matter the selection that you decide upon, it is always a good idea to experiment with colors and atmospheres. The most important thing to remember when decorating your home is that you are doing so for your own comfort. While basic stylistic rules can apply, the only concrete deciding factor is your happiness with the outcome.

Oak Express Bedroom Furniture

One of the most renowned companies that can help provide your home with attractive oak bedroom furniture is known as Oak Express. This company provides numerous furniture options that showcase the attractive wood. The brand can be ideal to work with if you are planning on rustic designs and atmospheres for the home. Their catalog can provide such options as dining chairs and tables. This is in addition to lamps and decorative home accents that can be utilized to create a more quaint and cozy feeling. Some of the most attractive items that can be selected in their catalog include their selection of ornate lamps, which can be set in a very attractive way in the bedroom. Each of their items is crafted with personal style in mind, and it can be a good idea to consider how you want the decorations to flow before you finalize your purchase.

oak bedroom furniture
Oak Bedroom Furniture Sets

New oak bedroom furniture sets may be considered if you plan on renovating the entirety of your bedroom to fit a more centralized decor that revolves around the furniture itself. This will require for you to arrange the sets in such a way that will showcase the furniture as the centerpieces of the room. This is easy to do, considering the size of the products purchased. The bedroom will benefit from large sets that utilize similar colors and tones for the bedframe and adjacent cabinets. These options can be further augmented with the right pieces of supporting wallpaper or color. The advantages of utilizing such traditional elements is that they can readily worked with in ways that would already strike the decorator as comfortable and quaint. This includes rug options that can feature solid colors or entire ornate patterns, and similar earthy tones in the bedsheets and nearby materials, such as lamps and canopies.

Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture

Depending on the ideal arrangement, it can be a good idea to work with solid oak bedroom furniture. Often, these items will be heavier than articles of furniture that simply make use of the appearance or surface of oak. However, these have the additional benefits of being extremely sturdy and exciting to work with when paired with just about any decorative feature in the bedroom. They are best used according to their color, as darker options will better fit furnishings that utilize such an atmosphere. While lighter options can be better for more modern homes, in the cases of armoires and other storage furniture options, it can be a good idea to invest in darker tones so as to showcase their utility attractively. Lighter accents will better suit more modern decors, especially if you want to establish a cooler presence in the room, though ultimately the decision is one that should be centered around your personal comfort.

Oak Bedroom Sets

Most sets of oak bedroom furniture can be purchased together for discount and decorative purposes. These sets have the additional benefits of being arranged in an easy to apply manner already, and most of them were matched together in order to allow for easier centerpiece options to become available for the decorator. This means that most of the sets can be readily applied to the home upon purchase, so long as the rest of the environment is arranged to match their inclusion. Often, this is easy to do once a central color or theme has been decided upon, and, depending on how much matching you want to be set in the atmosphere, the sets can be organized as accents themselves. No matter the environment that you are planning on establishing, arranging the furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eye involves physical location as much as it does color and theme, and no single part of the decorative process should be neglected.

Check out this video that shows off some great oak bedroom furniture

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