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Oak Bedroom Furniture – Making The Right Selections

If you have a home that is decorated with traditional, rustic furnishings, it can be a good idea to further expand on that design. While modern homes that feature contemporary designs have been receiving a lot of attention lately, there is little that can beat coming home to a cozy home, decorated with rich earthy tones and comfortable accents. The bedroom is one of the most versatile areas to decorate with such furniture options, and oak bedroom furniture can help establish a unique and attractive style. This is especially true when paired with other colors. Sometimes the presence of the oak bedroom furniture can allow for many different variations in the overall design of the room. A lot of times to the point where other traditional items can be replaced with more modern ones, so as to gracefully blend the two styles. No matter the selection that you decide upon, it is always a good idea to experiment with colors and atmospheres. The most important thing to remember when decorating your home is that you are doing so for your own comfort. While basic stylistic rules can apply, the only concrete deciding factor is your happiness with the outcome.

Oak Express Bedroom Furniture

One of the most renowned companies that can help provide your home with attractive oak bedroom furniture is known as Oak Express. This company provides numerous furniture options that showcase the attractive wood. The brand can be ideal to work with if you are planning on rustic designs and atmospheres for the home. Their catalog can provide such options as dining chairs and tables. This is in addition to lamps and decorative home accents that can be utilized to create a more quaint and cozy feeling. Some of the most attractive items that can be selected in their catalog include their selection of ornate lamps, which can be set in a very attractive way in the bedroom. Each of their items is crafted with personal style in mind, and it can be a good idea to consider how you want the decorations to flow before you finalize your purchase.

oak bedroom furniture
Oak Bedroom Furniture Sets

New oak bedroom furniture sets may be considered if you plan on renovating the entirety of your bedroom to fit a more centralized decor that revolves around the furniture itself. This will require for you to arrange the sets in such a way that will showcase the furniture as the centerpieces of the room. This is easy to do, considering the size of the products purchased. The bedroom will benefit from large sets that utilize similar colors and tones for the bedframe and adjacent cabinets. These options can be further augmented with the right pieces of supporting wallpaper or color. The advantages of utilizing such traditional elements is that they can readily worked with in ways that would already strike the decorator as comfortable and quaint. This includes rug options that can feature solid colors or entire ornate patterns, and similar earthy tones in the bedsheets and nearby materials, such as lamps and canopies.

Solid Oak Bedroom Furniture

Depending on the ideal arrangement, it can be a good idea to work with solid oak bedroom furniture. Often, these items will be heavier than articles of furniture that simply make use of the appearance or surface of oak. However, these have the additional benefits of being extremely sturdy and exciting to work with when paired with just about any decorative feature in the bedroom. They are best used according to their color, as darker options will better fit furnishings that utilize such an atmosphere. While lighter options can be better for more modern homes, in the cases of armoires and other storage furniture options, it can be a good idea to invest in darker tones so as to showcase their utility attractively. Lighter accents will better suit more modern decors, especially if you want to establish a cooler presence in the room, though ultimately the decision is one that should be centered around your personal comfort.

Oak Bedroom Sets

Most sets of oak bedroom furniture can be purchased together for discount and decorative purposes. These sets have the additional benefits of being arranged in an easy to apply manner already, and most of them were matched together in order to allow for easier centerpiece options to become available for the decorator. This means that most of the sets can be readily applied to the home upon purchase, so long as the rest of the environment is arranged to match their inclusion. Often, this is easy to do once a central color or theme has been decided upon, and, depending on how much matching you want to be set in the atmosphere, the sets can be organized as accents themselves. No matter the environment that you are planning on establishing, arranging the furniture in a way that is pleasing to the eye involves physical location as much as it does color and theme, and no single part of the decorative process should be neglected.

Check out this video that shows off some great oak bedroom furniture

Covered Patio Ideas – Endless Possibilities

When it comes to fall and spring seasons, many people love to sit outside. However, they all want a nice place to do this. In these cases, it is great to have many covered patio ideas to try out to see which ones you like best. Here are some you can try.


There are many themes that you can use with an enclosed patio room. It all depends on your taste and preference. Some people love everything and there are others that may have a stricter taste. Here are some themes to think about.


Many people love the beach but they may not have the chance to go very often. Well you can bring the beach to your own backyard.  You could use some fake palm trees, sand and lights. There are many cushions that will have a beach theme on them.

If you like to sit outside at night then a great theme would starlight. There are so many ways that you can do this. One thing you could do is to put tiny lights on the ceiling or covering to make it look like stars. You could have cushions with moon and stars on them.

Another theme is a dessert. This is really cool because you can have a cactus or two. You may wish to hang some pictures as well. It does not matter which theme you go with as long as you have fun and enjoy it.


Many people believe that it takes thousands of dollars to have many of the covered patio ideas that you see other people have. However, this is not true. There are many ideas that will not cost much at all.

You can always find furniture that is used or donated. You can also make your own furniture to go with your enclosed patio ideas. When it comes to saving money then you may need to think outside of the box. It will not take long before you have a vast of enclosed porch ideas to try out.
covered patio ideas
Covered porch ideas

If you are looking more along the lines of porch ideas, this can be done as well. You may want to think about screening in the porch to keep the bugs out. This is especially true when you are going to be sitting out at night.

More information

If you need more information on covered patio ideas, then you can find this on the Internet. There are several websites that can give you so many wonderful suggestions. You may find that you discover so many that you do not know which to choose.

In this case you can always change up every couple of months to try out many different ideas. This way you can see which one you like the best. Another way to try out many different ones is special occasions.

If you are having a party then changes up the covered patio ideas. Even if you do not change a lot of it, change can still be done. For example, you could change the furniture or even just the cushions.

More help

If you are still unsure on which ones of the covered patio ideas that you should use, you can always ask for help from family and friends/ Many times getting the suggestions from other people can be great help.

It is best to gather all the ideas that you really like before deciding on just one. This is because if you just choose the first one then you may miss one that you like better. Just keep in mind that you can always try many different covered patio ideas until you find the ones that you like the best.

So if you are looking for covered patio ideas then you are in luck. The Internet can be of great help. There are several websites that will have tons of suggestions for you. If these do not catch your eye then you can also enlist the help of family and friends.

Keep in mind that there are endless options. If the suggestions do not please you then think outside the box and create your own exciting ideas. You may wish to take bits and pieces of other ideas to create your own unique style.

Do not forget about screening in the porch, bringing the beach and dessert home as well as all the other ideas that have been talked about. You do not have to break the bank either. There are many ways to save money on any of the ideas that you choose.

Make sure to gather all the information that you need and want before making a decision. This ensures that you will see different ideas instead of just one. There are so many options available, just take the time to look into many covered patio ideas.

Here’s a great video with some more covered patio ideas

Fire Pit Table Decorative Ideas

With warmer weather slowly appearing on the horizon, many people are excited to get their fire pits ready outside to enjoy the new possibilities. With the practical application of these pits, many homeowners are also looking into ways to make them into an active part of the outdoor decor. The fire pit table is a very versatile item that can be effectively mixed and matched with a wide variety of different decorations, each of which can lend something different to the outdoor space. As with any decorative process, it is recommended for individuals to look into experimenting with different furnishings in order to find one that will best complement their outside space. With safety in mind, it is highly recommended to select wider tables that can provide guests with more room away from the heat, while still allowing them to enjoy its warmth and presence.

Propane Fire Pit Table and Chairs

These types of tables come equipped with their own fire pit, which can make for an exciting outdoor experience. Many of these different types of fire pit tables can be utilized for a wide variety of different applications. When they are not in use, they can be enjoyed as a source of warmth, especially at night when the fire pit table can be dimmed down to provide light and comfortable heat for those who are sitting around the table. When it is in use, it can provide your guests with an exciting display of cooking, which can provide entertainment before the food is prepared for their enjoyment. As such, it is a good idea for your natural gas fire pit tables to be set in locations that do not pose a risk to the safety of your guests or your home. Arranging for the tables to be set underneath an open area can minimize the risk of fire damage. No matter what setting the fire pit will be on, the rising ashes may still cling to the nearby area. Keeping safety in mind is an extremely important part of the regular utility process, and making use of round propane fire pit tables will make sure that your guests enjoy equal distance from the flame.
fire pit table
Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

While the practical applications of the fire pit table are readily available, many individuals may not be entirely familiar with the creative process of utilizing the fire pit in a decorative way. Because of the table design, the fire pit can become a very versatile object that can provide a large amount of grace and charm to the area in which it will be set. Particularly because of the sleek design of many of these tables, it can be a good idea to set them in larger open spaces. Looking into specific propane fire pit table sets can be a great way to figure out how you want to apply the table itself into your outdoor space. Sometimes, with the inclusion of the table, you may find it easier to rearrange the entirety of the decor outside of your home so as to better accommodate the new addition. This process can also allow you to enjoy the creative energy of rearranging the outdoor space. Greenery readily compliments the appearance of these tables, especially in wider areas where chairs and additional fixtures can be set together to create a more lavish display for your guests to enjoy. No matter what the utility, it is important for you to keep the tables away from the underneaths of canopies and low hanging shaded areas.

Fire Pit Ideas Patio

If you plan on working with your patio space, you will be pleased to know that the propane fire pit table will be able to effortlessly fit into the more modern design of this section. Most gas fire pit tables are made with some form of stone or glassware in order to provide a heat resistant surface for your guests to enjoy. The appearance of this surface will vary depending on the fire pit table model that you decide to purchase, but almost all of the colors can be readily applied to your patio. Depending on the type of atmosphere that you wish to convey, however, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and take into account the furnishings that already exist around your patio. For a cozier and more comfortable environment, darker colors are highly recommended. Earthy tones like deep browns and rich blacks can complement the rustic decor of your patio, while the appropriate fixtures around the table can add further style and utility. If you plan on utilizing lighter tones, on the other hand, it can be a good idea to add more vibrant and colorful details to the decorative spice. Brighter colors will create a more excited feeling, and it can be a good way to bring life to your patio’s space. As with any other application, keeping the table away from any overhanging space is crucial to the safety and continued utility of the pit itself.

Check out this great video for some more fire pit table ideas

Frameless Shower Doors – Why Homeowners Are Going Frameless

If you compare an outdated bathroom and a modern bathroom, you will quickly see how modern bathroom designs have changed over time.  Among all of the different styles that have been incorporated into modern bathroom design, frameless shower doors have become a elegant choice for homeowners who want a contemporary bathroom with clean lines and intricate fixtures.  If you are in the process of redesigning your bathroom and you are interested in learning more about frameless shower doors, you have come to the right place.  Read this guide to frameless glass shower doors, and discover the benefits to making modern modifications that will bring your bathroom into the 21st century.

The Advantages of Contemporary Frameless Shower Doors

One of the obvious benefits to frameless bathtub doors and frameless shower doors is styling.  The bathroom is more than often one of the most outdated rooms in a residential home.  As homeowners overlook the bathroom, the space becomes more and more stale.  With frameless shower fixtures that are made entirely of glass, you can make the small space much more modern.  Frameless fixtures can be combined with beautiful and intricate bathroom tiling, which only enhancing the contemporary design in the bathroom.  If your primary goal is to make core areas in the bathroom decorative and functional, frameless sliding shower doors are the answer.

Believe it or not, the chic and elegant nature of frameless shower doors is not the only benefit to consider when you are debating whether or not you would like to make this home upgrade.  Another benefit of these custom bathroom fixtures is the fact that the doors are virtually invisible, which makes the bathroom flow.  Rather than breaking up space, the frameless sliding glass shower doors are invisible so that the ornate lighting in your bathroom shines throughout the entire room.  With the perfect combination of lighting, tiling and frameless doors, you can make even a small to moderate sized bathroom look bigger than it actually is.  Add space without even demolishing your bathroom or expanding square footage.

Are Frameless Shower Doors Durable?

The moment that you see the before and after photos of a bathroom that has been updated with frameless glass doors you will jump at the opportunity to make your space look as clean and naturally flowing as the bathroom in the “after” photo.  While looks are extremely important when you are making upgrades, you have to consider function, durability and structure as well.  A beautiful space is wonderful look at, but a space that is not durable or structurally sound will not last long.  Luckily, frameless doors are reliable fixtures for modern bathrooms that use advanced technology to keep water from flooding your bathroom floors.
frameless shower doors
Frameless glass doors for the shower and bathtub are durable and reliable because they use a thicker glass to support the glass panels.  This thicker glass eliminates the need for structural aluminum framing that is required for traditional, or “old-fashioned”, showers.  The new technology used to make the frameless design will seal in the panels, which keeps the water from leaking out when you are enjoying a relaxing shower.  If you are worried about reliability when you go frameless, do not fret.  Developers have come up with a way to use solid portions of glass that do not require trims that are just as reliable as framed fixtures.

What To Consider When Choosing Frameless Doors

If you are seriously contemplating the idea of going frameless and you currently have a framed shower door, there are some factors that you should consider so that you make an educated decision.  One major concern to many is cost, and costs can vary based on several different factors.  When you remove your door, you should look to see if the tiles around the framing are stained.  If you have not budgeted for new tiling, which most people do, this is something you should add to your budget before you do the renovation.

Another consideration is whether or not you will pay for existing shower door removal and installation.  There are installation companies who will include door removal and grout cleaning in their installation services.  Some companies, however, will charge extra for removal and cleaning.  Professional installation is almost always a must so that the company can measure the panels to align with holes in your wall.  Otherwise, you may have to worry about eye soars.

Frameless shower doors are modern and chic and can blend with any contemporary bathroom design.  If you are looking for a way to breathe life into your bathroom, consider enhancing your bathroom with these modern fixtures.  Compare quality frameless shower doors, choose a contractor that you can trust for removal and installation and see what everyone is raving about when it comes to going frameless in the bathroom.

Here’s a great video showing how to install a frameless shower door

Teak Shower Bench And Its Many Uses

Purchasing a teak shower bench is possibly a newer concept for some, but it is a time honored tradition of a form of relaxation through hydro therapy that many utilize on a daily basis. Hydro therapy is meant to take advantage of the soothing qualities of water as it is applied to the skin. There are a variety of products to choose from when shopping for the right chair. This article will give you some good ideas about different teak shower benches out there.

Teak fold down shower seats are a solid option for capitalizing on prime real estate in the bathroom. The seat can easily be folded up and set aside when it is not being used. The seats are great for someone who would like to sit down while washing up. It provides a stable surface to rest on.  Ladies might like to shave their legs on one. Also, a person with an unsteady gate can shower safely while maintaining independence.

Small corner teak shower stools are ergonomically designed to function in small spaces efficiently. This is a good seat for condo or apartment dwellers that need to put every square foot to good use. Since the seat fits in the corner of the shower cavity, it allows more space for optimal mobility while conducting hygiene.  Not everyone has a lot of space to work with in the bathroom area, which makes the corner stools a brilliant adaptation to the shower stool family of products. No longer will you stretch a leg across the shower to shave those legs, risking slipping and potentially accidentally nicking your skin, which is not only painful but the wound often heals slowly for most people.

Teak corner shower benches fit neatly and cleanly in the corner of the shower so as to not crowd the space. The seat is particularly nice as you finish showering, you can sit down to apply a pumice stone to thicker areas of the feet. The craftsmanship of the wood work is top flight when compared to lesser manufacturers. The essence of the breadth and depth of the wood coloring is rich and crisp.
teak shower bench
Folding teak shower benches are as equally effective as they are appealing to the eye. When you would like the convenience of being able to sit while in the shower or you would like to apply lotion following a shower, the addition of the chair is a bonus. The additional luxury of the folding chair is the ease of storage between uses. The chair is also easy to set up and deconstruct as different genders utilize the shower.  The length of a bench adds additional versatility in holding the necessities of creams, oils, and gels that you enjoy will you clean up.

Teak wood shower benches are a pristine balance of beauty and utility. The expensive teak wood is delicately treated for the longevity of its elegance. This teak wood chair is top of the line among competitors and receives positive reviews from customer reviews. Customers enjoy the comfort, the style, and affordability of the product line. The multitude of options is also noted as a bonus.

Teak shower bench folding shower seats, offer the balance of wonder and aesthetics paired with additional functionality. If space is limited, and there is a need for a chair that can store away and is ultimately easy to use, the teak folding shower seat is a good option to be considered. The folding seat concept is not necessarily new; however, the versatility of the concept infused into the bathroom setting is truly an original and innovative approach to functional furniture.

Teak shower bench in the corner seats are a combination of the usefulness of a corner seat, the elegance of the teak wood, and a device constructed for ease of use in that it can be moved quickly as needed. The design of a corner seat is helpful in small spaces as it does not take up valuable room. This teak shower bench really is a space saver.

Teak shower bench furniture is a newer spin on the traditional shower experience, it is designed for those who may need or choose to sit. Many older showers have built in seating, unfortunately this style of seating tends to be cold and hard making it uncomfortable during usage.   A wood bathing stand can be useful for both genders as ladies can sit while shaving their legs and gentlemen can sit while shaving their face. It is such a cool chance to show style while still being useful.  A teak shower bench, wooden bathing chair can be used when a roomier span is desired.

It may seem a bit confusing at first to select the perfect teak shower bench for the family, but after taking a second to read the product specifications and also the customer reviews the choice should be obvious for the customer. The customer reviews speak for themselves and speak to the quality of the products that are manufactured.

Check out this video with some tips about the teak shower bench

Shelf Dividers And Working With Them Within The Home

For many individuals, it can be difficult to work with the appropriate storage space that you have available in your home. Whether through a general lack of storage utilities or because you simply have too many things that need to be kept away, it can be frustrating to figure out how to attractively set away your items while still effectively making use of the space that you have available. One of the most efficient and practical ways to use the available space in your home is through shelf dividing units. These seemingly ordinary slabs can be set inside shelves in order to better split up the space within them. This reduces clutter and helps you organize your things at the same time. Most of these units can be purchased from different online and retail locations in the home improvement sections of the store. The average price for most dividers can range between fifteen and upwards of sixty dollars, with variations in between depending on the material with which the divider is made. Purchasing different materials should be based on the decorative appeal that the dividers can provide for your home, as well as the general items that you plan on storing within them.

Closet Shelf Dividers

Most common dividers are designed to take up the closet space in an attractive and conscientious way. However, because of the different ways in which the sizes are arranged in these shelves, customers may need to plan ahead in order to purchase the right varieties. Some dividers may be adjustable, while others will need to be selected specifically for their sizing utility. Depending on the interior of your closet, you may want to choose a material that will match the internal environment while still providing the basic necessary services.

Wire Shelf Dividers

These types of shelf dividers are known for their simplistic elegance and are often considered for a wide variety of different utilities. Shelf dividers for wire shelves are often utilized in locations such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Because of their overall design, many people enjoy using them to separate dishes or clothes and depending on the way in which they are presented, they can effortlessly fit into either of these environments. However, it is a good idea to not use too many of them in both locations, as they can end up taking more space than they should.

shelf dividers

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

Acrylic shelf dividing units are among the most versatile, as they can be effortlessly set in many different modern environments, emphasizing both functionality and minimalist attraction. They can come in standard clear designs or different shades of a certain color, and at varying opaqueness as well. These are among the most versatile to decorate with, although the material does not allow it to be resized for all shelves. With such units, it can be a good idea to measure beforehand and consider the design that you want set in the room in order to maximize the effectiveness in both style and function.

Shelf Divider for Wood Shelves

Wood shelves typically do not have many decorative options available to them outside of the standard utility of wooden dividers. However, different types and colors in the wood can allow for various customization options. Depending on the types of things that you plan on putting away on these shelves, it can be a good idea to invest in a darker color for most items. Dark dividers are able to draw attention to most items, including clothes and decorative objects. Lighter colors, on the other hand, will be able to better complement a lighter environment.

Plastic Shelf Dividers

These types of shelf dividers are often selected for functionality more than design. As such, they are better set in locations where immediate utility is necessary. They are often much cheaper to purchase than most other materials, which can lend to their functionality. Additionally, because of the material, there are numerous different kinds that can be purchased, depending on your exact needs. Extending ones can be bought, which can be utilized to close the space between taller shelves, and immediately sized ones can provide further functionality for people in the form of quick and easy use.

Bookshelf Dividers

Outside of the necessity to organize clothes, dishes, and decorative items, bookshelves are very attractive units that can also benefit from the use of dividers. Depending on the material of the bookshelf, it can be a good idea to plan ahead with the divider and see what decorative options will become available for you. Most traditionally made bookshelves are constructed from darker woods, so such dividers, along with some darker shades of acrylic items, can be utilized in this space in an attractive and innovative way. More modern bookshelves, which feature plastic or metal elements, will be better set with dividers that can flawlessly work with such elements, in colors that complement the structure itself.

Check out this great video about how to make shelf dividers

Princess Bed – Decorative Options

If you are considering decorative options for your daughter’s bedroom, often, the first place that parents look is around the furnishings that exist in the room. Many parents may consider working with the wallpaper or the carpet in order to establish a certain environment in the room, but the truth is that all that is necessary to create an attractive decor in the bedroom is the presence of a powerful centerpiece around which the rest of the furnishings can be arranged. One of the most exciting and attractive centerpieces that can be considered for your daughter’s bedroom is a princess bed. As the name implies, it is a very decorative bed that features blooming and extravagant designs, capable of filling the active space in the room as both a bed and a center of play. Depending on what type of bed you wish to purchase for your child, it can be a good idea to plan ahead and consider what activities they will enjoy with the bed. They come in a wide variety of different styles and themes, and, as such, they can be attractively set amongst numerous different decors. The typical price for a princess bed may range anywhere between five hundred and three thousand dollars, so it can be a good idea to consider several options before finalizing your purchase.

Princess Bunk Bed With Slide

This type of princess bed is one of the most playful kinds that can be considered for purchase. As the name suggests, it is a bunk bed that is designed with a sliding feature in order to add an extra layer of playfulness to its thematic design. This type can especially be a good buy if you two daughters who still share a room. The added functionality of the bunk bed can make it great for sleepovers and slumber parties, or just for having friends over during the day. Because of the size of this princess bed, it can be a good idea to plan ahead with the decor and focus on arranging it in the room so as to best fit with the surroundings.

Princess Twin Bed Set

The most commonly considered type of princess bed is one that is featured in a twin bed set. This allows for the bed to be larger, which can provide more fun and comfort for your daughter during sleep and play. Because of how broad the term is, however, many different types of beds will fit into this general category. As a result, this type of princess bed will be able to provide numerous decorative options for parents to enjoy. With these options, parents will be able to better find a bed that will suit their decorative plans and their readily available budget.
Princess bed
Princess Twin Bed Frame

When selecting the ideal bed, it can be just as important to look into purchasing a bed frame to match it. Most of the twin beds do not come with a bed frame ready for consideration, so parents will need to shop elsewhere in order to make sure that they find what they are looking for. Many of these bed frames can be matched up with a wide variety of different beds, but it is important for a general theme to be kept in mind before purchasing. Whenever possible, try to match the frame with the bed so as to better create an attractive display in the room.

Princess Castle Bed Plans

One of the most attractive ways in which a princess bed can be customized into a more memorable experience for your daughter is through castle bed plans. Numerous do it yourself projects can be considered that focus on creating a sweeping castle design around the bed. While it is not a very complicated type of project to consider engaging in, it can be difficult for first time builders. If you are interested in working with such a design for your daughter’s bedroom, it can be a good idea to visit websites that feature such designs in detail. Numerous blogs and instructional websites can be considered, each of which will be able to detail the steps necessary in order to transform your daughter’s bed into a regal castle.

Princess Bunk Bed Plans

The decorative plans and projects that are the easiest to work with actually end up involving a taller princess bed. Whether the bed is elevated or is a bunk bed, these positions can allow for several different decorative options in the forms of stone walls or natural cliffs around the bed. Depending on what type of design you plan on utilizing around the bed, it can be a good idea to plan ahead by purchasing the bed after you have visualized the design. This can be an especially good idea if you plan on centering the room’s decor around the bed itself.

Here are some great ideas for princess beds

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes

If you have children, then you will no doubt want to decorate their room in an attractive and interesting way. One of the most decorative and useful items that you can purchase for your child’s bedroom is the twin full bunk bed, which is a tall bedding item that can be attractively set with any decor. Because of their size and the wide varieties of types available, many people can find it easy to set them inside of their children’s bedroom in order to attractively create numerous different atmospheres. Most of these beds will cost anywhere between five hundred and one thousand dollars, depending on the additional features that come with them. Because of the sheer size of the beds, many manufacturers build them with these additions in order to maximize their utility as well as their decorative appeal.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Stairs

Buying  a twin over full bunk bed with stairs is highly recommended, as these are some of the most basic types of bunk beds that can be purchased. The addition of the stairs provides additional functionality as it can allow for easier access to the higher level of the bunk, making it perfect for inclusion in most bedrooms where your children can enjoy using both levels of the bed. The stairs allow your children to enjoy slumber parties and general activities on both levels, even if both levels of the bed will not be used strictly for sleeping.

Twin Over Queen Bunk Bed With Stairs

The larger size of a twin over full bunk bed that is queen sized can allow for even more space for your children to enjoy. This extra space, combined with the durable support provided by the stairs, can allow for different play options in addition to their utility as beds. Because of the larger size, parents should be ready to pay more and be sure that the beds will be used in a room that can support their size. Additionally, because of the extra size, these beds will typically stand out as centerpieces in the room more effectively.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Bed

The frame of a twin over full bunk bed is one of the most important aspects to consider during the selection process. More often than not, wooden frames will be just as sturdy as metal ones, though the different structures will be able to provide as many different decorative options as they will practical ones. Always check the maximum weight allowed by each level of the bed and consider the utilities accordingly. if you are planning on decorating, however, it can be a good idea to simply purchase the framework in order to better fit with the rest of the room’s decor. Metal frames work best in relatively modern decors that emphasize negative space and minimalist designs. Wooden frames, however, may better be set in rooms that focus on traditional design elements. The two may be mixed at will, but it is always important to factor in different elements before finalizing your decision.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Trundle

For additional functionality, some bunk beds may come with trundles. These storage cabinets fit underneath the bed and can slide in and out of the framework itself to provide storage opportunities for the bed. This can be especially useful if your child has a lot of things that can be put away inside of the trundle. Otherwise, the trundle option may be considered for additional sleeping functionality, as some trundles pull out to feature another smaller bed beneath the bunk bed itself. This can be a great addition to sleepovers and gatherings for your children and their friends. Among the various other twin over full bunk bed with storage options include closet attachments that are built right into the framework of the bed itself. These types of storage compartments are meant to utilize the area around the bed for practical purpose. This allows them to contribute more space to the overall design of the bed. This makes it even easier to set such as items as centerpieces in the room, especially with the decorative options that the trundles and closets can provide.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed With Desk

Further decorative and practical appeal can be found in a twin over full bunk bed that features not only additional storage space, but also desk and compartment space for computers and writing. These spaces can be utilized as storage for necessary work supplies, such as calculators and notebooks, and when they are actively in use, they can be arranged in order to effectively provide your children with a comfortable place to write. Most of these units can come with additional spaces for the storage of notebooks or textbooks, and extra compartments can provide extra utilities. Keeping an eye out for sales can help you find items such as these that will be able to provide functionality and decoration all in one easy to use design.

Here’s a great video about staircase bunk beds with twin beds

Marble Dining Table – Experience the Elegance and Beauty

A marble dining table would make an awesome addition to the home and there are many benefits to be derived from having one.  Beauty is most definitely the number one benefit of marble. Its beauty is absolutely incomparable.  A marble dining table will instantly become a conversation piece and will complement pretty much any décor.  Below are some other advantages of owning a marble dining table:


If cared for consistently and properly, marble is extremely durable.  With proper care, the marble dining table could outlast all other pieces of furniture in the home.


Marble will never go out of style.  A marble dining table is an addition to the home that will not have to be changed or replaced and it is very unlikely that you would want to replace it.


There is a wide assortment of beautiful, natural marble table tops, available to complement any modern, contemporary, antique, ornate and traditional décor.

Capacity to Be Restored

In cases where a marble dining table is not properly maintained, a professional can restore it with amazing results.


As was alluded to above, maintenance is an important part of keeping up the appearance of the marble dining table.  This type of table has to be regularly cleaned and applications of sealant are necessary to prevent water from leaking through; however, the marble is not fully protected by the sealant.  There is also the need to be aware of the possibility of etching, which can take place when the polish is damaged by an acidic substance.  It is important to immediately wipe up spills as they happen, especially in cases where the liquid is acidic or has a color that could stain the marble.  Below are some more helpful tips that can be used to take care of your marble table:

Use coasters at all times-

Use a high quality table pad to protect the surface when meals are being served.-

If your table is made from white marble, using wax is not recommended.  Doing so could result in serious discoloration, transforming a beautiful white surface into a dull yellow. -

The marble should be sealed as recommended.  Sealing is fairly easy as long as a top quality sealant is used.-

A mild detergent is recommended a few times per year; however, a soft sponge and very warm water will work well for daily cleanings.  A micro-fiber or soft cotton cloth can then be used to buff the surface to bring out its brilliance.-

Only cleaners recommended for marble should be used.  Acidic, chemical-containing traditional household cleaners could cause damage to the surface of the marble, causing the finish to have a dull look.-

marble dining table

Types of Marble Tables

There are a number of different types of marble tables and in essence, the more money that is spent, the better the slab will be.  In addition, the quality of the finishing on the side varies according to cost as well.  There are several finishes from which to choose.  Some of the more common ones are highlighted below:

The Chamfer   

This is an angled edge that results in a perpendicular edge, a bottom face and a top face attached to the angled edge.

The Bevel

This cut results in an angled edge.

The Round

One the outside of the table will be a rounded edge.

Sizes and Shapes

There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes in which marble tables are available.  The shapes include octagonal, rectangular, oval, square and the round marble top dining table.  In a smaller space, the round marble top dining table set will create flow, in addition to adding flair and beauty to the room.  The varied shapes of the tables provide the décor with a unique appearance that will create a focal point and could even be an inspiration for the look of the entire space.

Additional Tips

When shopping for a marble table, bringing along a little water would be a great idea.  Ask the vendor to spill some of the water on the marble, so you will be able to see if it seeps and how well maintained it is.  Typically, it is a bad sign if it seeps.

If possible, take an infrared light or another light source along with you.  Examine the surface for tiny cracks, which would be an indication of bad quality.  Streaks are a bad sign as well, since the marble could suffer even more damage once you start using the surface.

Even though a marble dining table requires maintenance and regular care to ensure that it remains in tip top shape, it brings such an elegance to the space, that it is well worth the efforts of maintaining it.  It is very likely that this will become your favorite piece of furniture and thankfully it can last forever, so there would be no need to replace it.

Here’s a great video that shows how to clean marble surfaces

Bankers Lamp – Purchasing and Exploring Decorative Options

When in the study or office of your home, it can be difficult to work with the decorative elements in order to create an atmosphere that is both personal and professional. Balancing between the two qualities can be a challenge as well, as if it leans too far towards the personal, it may be difficult to concentrate and complete your work. On the other hand, if it leans too much towards the professional, you may find it difficult to become enthusiastic about the work that you have to do. As such, decorators are encouraged to experiment with colors and furnishings in order to effectively enhance the environment while still maintaining a dignified decorum. The key to doing this is to work with colors that you enjoy but in tones that can easily blend with the rest of the furnishings. One of the easiest ways to add a splash of personalized life to the atmosphere is to work with a bankers lamp. Many people immediately recognize these stylish lamps as antique looking illumination fixtures, associated with earlier eras. Adding them to the room can add a large amount of quaint charm, while still providing functionality in the form of easy lighting.

History of the Bankers Lamp

When people think of bankers desk lamps, typically the mind conjures an image of a businessman at work at his desk, pouring over documents or studying heavy books late at night. Of course the lamp is the only illumination. The history of the bank itself is not far off from the image. The bankers lamp originally came about during the early nineteenth century as a primary source of lighting. This was around the time when the green light shade was utilized to help cut down on the glare of lighting sources at the time while still providing much needed illumination. Because of this, the lamp is most often associated with the modern notion of people who typically worked late by the light of this lamp. Despite the advancements of more efficient lighting sources, these lamps are still collected by individuals who are fascinated by such vintage products. Antique collectors are not the only ones who shop for these lamps as well, as many modern home decorators enjoy working with the old world charm that this lamp emanates.

bankers lamp

Where to Purchase and Typical Pricing

Because of the antiquated style of the lamp, it can often be very difficult to find it at retail locations, but interested customers may find other mediums through which to work. With the widespread utility of the internet, it has never been easier to shop for the bankers lamp and other attractive vintage items. Websites such as Ebay and Amazon offer a wide variety of such lamps, with numerous variations available for selection depending on the customer’s personal preferences. Numerous crafting websites, such as etsy, also provide a wide variety of options for interested buyers. Typically, the bankers lamp will cost anywhere from twenty to upwards of fifty dollars, depending on the style in which it is made and the power required to operate it. Many websites like etsy also provide the option for customers to collaborate with individuals who create such items to create custom pieces. While these commissions may be more expensive than readily available products, they ensure that what you order is the exact item that you want. In such a way, once you have already figured out how to utilize them in the space of your home, it can be a good idea to work with a commission in order to get what you want.

Utility in the Home

While many people may think of the bankers lamp as an item to complement desks in the office or workplace, it can be applied with more freedom in a wide variety of settings. These can include general applications around the home, in lobbies, and even on top of pianos. All of these designs are done with tradition and nostalgia in mind, and the function of the lamp provides practicality as well. Usually, the bankers lamp shade was crafted with green glass, with a base that was made from solid brass. Since its creation, however, numerous decorative options have become available. Lampshades can now range from the traditional green to different shades of amber, blue, and red. In a similar way, lamp’s base can be customized in a wide variety of ways. While brass is still a common and favorite material used in the base, buyers may be interested in more ornate carvings of several different metals. It is a good idea to set the lamps in a place where their light will be able to provide practical use. From there, you can work with the different color and lighting combinations depending on the overall design of the room. The bankers lamp can be utilized as a centerpiece or the light cast by its glow can draw attention to other articles of interest in the room.

Here’s a great video about how to repair a bankers lamp

Bamboo Roman Shades – Elegant and Versatile

Bamboo is a plant of the grass family that grows in many places around the world, but especially in South and East Asia. It is of the fastest-growing plants, making it one of the best and most versatile materials in the world. The hollow stems are shoots from rhizome systems that spread rapidly. Some species can grow 98 inches in a 24-hour period, reaching their full height in as little as four months! Bamboo is a wonderful eco-friendly material that’s ideal for fulfilling many of our needs, from a food source to building materials to textiles, and much more. Accessories, such as bamboo roman shades, are an environmentally sound option to addressing windows, unlike so many others that are harmful to our planet and the future generations.

Bamboo roman shades are an excellent addition to any home. This is especially true where the homeowner is aiming for a more relaxed feel, but are surprisingly suitable to virtually any decor scheme. These can be made of various types of bamboo and are available in a rainbow of color choices. This makes sure the consumer has a wide selection to choose from, to ensure they tie in with their overall interior design scheme, as well as the consumer’s personal taste. The simplicity of the shades work wonderfully to complete a room. This can be from a modern or traditional formal living room to a casual, cozy family room, and everything in between. The soothing and calming, natural beauty of the bamboo, combined with the sophisticated roman pleats, makes them a versatile addition to any space.

The Advantages of Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo window shades have an advantage over fabric, vinyl, or other synthetic window treatments because they bring nature into the home. This happens in a most interesting and appealing way that draws immediate attention. Impressive effects can easily be achieved when both natural light and accent lighting are creatively used with them. They are incredibly effective in filtering sunlight, as well as to diffuse light, enabling the homeowner to be in complete control over both lighting and privacy. This is thanks to the level of opaqueness of the bamboo wood. Keep in mind that there are different degrees of opaqueness, however, so it is crucial to choose according to your specific needs regarding a particular room. Many designs don’t always provide the optimum privacy desired, leaving homeowners visible to passersby, but when coupled with privacy screens, complete privacy can be achieved.
bamboo roman shades
These natural shades are also energy efficient, when paired with synthetic energy conserving screens. This ensures an eco-friendly window treatment that also saves consumers money. Consumers can choose from ready-made shades or opt for a perfect fit by ordering custom blinds. This gives great options which would also provide custom privacy and light control.


Smart consumers are typically knowledgeable with regards to their purchases, and when it comes to window treatments, they know they’re on the right path when they choose bamboo roman shades. These can be used entirely on their own because they are capable of making that all-important statement that a window treatment should always make to impress their presence in a room, or they may be used in conjunction with fabric panels, for a more formal look. It doesn’t matter whether alone or in combination with interesting fabrics, bamboo roman shades are an affordable solution to dressing a window beautifully.


While bamboo roman shades cannot compare to the strength and durability of vinyl, they can also be quite durable. Many manufacturers, for instance, apply protective coatings on the bamboo slats to ensure they don’t become easily damaged. Beware of installing bamboo blinds in excessively humid areas, however, because untreated wood will absorb moisture and eventually cause them to warp and swell, thereby reducing their lifespan.

Remote Control Options

Just like other window treatments, bamboo roman shades may also come with remote control mechanisms to facilitate their operation, although these may only be available as custom options. Imagine that with the simple touch of a button, the shades can be opened or closed from a distance, without any effort required–a modern convenience that is greatly appreciated by most consumers.


With most living busy lifestyles, consumers often look for appealing decor that’s also easy to maintain, and nothing can be simpler than the low-maintenance bamboo roman shades. Frequent dusting will keep them looking their best, along with an occasional wiping with a damp cloth to ensure they will last forever.

Bamboo Window Panels

Window panels made of bamboo are another show-stopping option for a window treatment, making a bold statement in a subtle manner. This is a wonderful way to address a window or a patio door to softly diffuse light. Woven bamboo panels, that are similar to fabric curtains, are often manufactured in combination with other materials, such as grommets and fabric borders, for a contemporary feel. They are hung like regular curtains, on curtain rods, making for an easy installation.

Check out this great video about how to install bamboo shades

Propane Fire Pit and Wood burning Safety Tips

Interior designers claim that fire pits are among the top selling outdoor design accessories in the market today. Fire pit enthusiasts remark about the sense of luxurious outdoor recreation that these design features bring out, while property agents say that they can actually increase the value of your home. Popular construction materials for such pits include stone, metal, and ceramic. Of course, the presence of fuel makes these outdoor fixtures a fire hazard in spite of the efforts that most manufacturers put to promote safety.

A growing number of fire pit related burns reported in clinics and hospitals have caught the attention of city, town, and county authorities across the US. Therefore, if you want to build your own propane fire pit, you should first familiarize yourself with the relevant local authority ordinances. This is because regulations aim to reduce fire risks, promote safety, and minimize disturbance to your neighbors.

On the safety front, here are some safety tips for propane and wood-burning fire pits:

Safety Tips for the propane fire pit

Typical propane fire pit burner kits consist of a fire enclosure made of stone, metal, ceramic, or concrete material together with a stove implement for heating fuel. Stone, ceramic, and concrete fire pits are generally permanent in nature. As such, contractors normally consider all basic safety options while installing these pits. On the other hand, temporary portable designs such as natural gas or bio-ethanol kits require elaborate safety steps to prevent accidents.

You should always set up a portable fire pit on a flat open area free from low hanging tree branches. You may set it on concrete, dirt, gravel, or other noncombustible receptacle made from brick, clay, sheet metal, or cement. A screen for the pit’s enclosure can increase its safety considerably by preventing sparks from spreading outside during windy conditions.

propane fire pit
Before you light the fire pit, ensure that it is about 10 feet away from any building structure. What’s more, you should never attempt to light a portable DIY propane fire pit kit on an apartment balcony, or anywhere close to utility lines and structures.

Safety Tips

As mentioned, fire pits are available with an array of fuel burners depending on customer preferences. Some of the common fire pit fuels include firewood, charcoal, and gas. However, experts recommend charcoal, seasoned wood, or manufactured firewood as fuels for permanent fire pits. Such pits take a bit longer to start, are a tad messy, and often produce smoke. Even then, wood burning fire pits generally resemble natural hearths and can evoke memories of past campfires. They also radiate warmth, which is impossible to obtain from a fire pit that burns propane. Of course, you should avoid burning materials that produce black smoke and offensive odors on your fire pit. Your neighbors may report the incident resulting in fines from local authorities.

If you don’t want to learn how to build a propane fire pit, propane gas burner kits are quite safe from their point of origin. This is because manufacturers of such kits must comply with stringent industrial regulations and technological standards while making these burners. According to the FDA, some 14 million households in the US use propane as heating fuel. As such, a propane fire pit is relatively safer in comparison to other types of fire pits. However, some reasonable precautions are still necessary to prevent accidents. For instance, you should store propane tanks in an area where air circulates properly to prevent its vapor molecules from pooling around. Propane is heavier than air in density, and its particles tend to settle on the ground area adjacent to the tank. Moreover, you should also ask your local plumber to inspect the gas piping system on your fire pit regularly for possible leaks, especially around the valves.

General Safety Tips for Fire Pits

•You should have firefighting equipment close to a propane fire pit table kit. Additionally, you should not allow children near such a pit without adult supervision.

•Ensure that your propane fire pit table and chairs are made from nonflammable materials.

•Do not wear loose-fitting nylon clothes especially if you have a round propane fire pit table.

•You should not toss stuff such as wiping papers and toothpicks into the fire pit.

•You can install concrete, stucco, or metal seats around permanent fire pits while wooden and fabric ones are ideal for portable fire pits. Place seats at least three to four feet away from the fire pit enclosure.

• Do not serve alcoholic spirits near a propane fire pit table.

• Finally yet importantly, do not use accelerants such as gasoline on propane fire pit table sets. You should also avoid softwoods such as cedar and pine because they tend to throw sparks around when lit.

Most people love the ambiance and aesthetic value of fire pits. However, rising cases of accidents originating from fire pits have cast sharp focus on their safety standards. As a result, local councils across the US are already passing laws to control the use of these outdoor fixtures.

Here’s a cool video about how to make a Propane Campfire Fire Pit

Fireplace Mantels – Building Your Own and Surrounds

For homeowners who enjoy the regular comfort of their fireplaces, it can be a good idea to invest in decorative designs for fireplace mantels. These mantels are typically crafted from a wide variety of materials, and they can be utilized to add a large degree of personal comfort to the living room. Because of how different furnishings are able to work with different settings in the environment, it can be interesting to mix and match different designs with the mantels in order to see how they work with the home.

Different types of materials, such as different metals, will provide varying decorative options as well, however, the most common type of material considered for fireplace mantels and surrounds are wood and stone. While the appearance of these decorative objects in the home may seem as though they require professional installation, the truth is that it is not they are not that difficult to create. Any individual who has a small amount of experience with home decorative projects will be able to create these attractive objects by following a few simple steps.

How to Build Fireplace Mantels

In order to build do it yourself fireplace mantels, it can be a good idea to look into designs that you may like to mimic with the decor of your home. These involve different types of trims and moldings that you would like to incorporate into the overall design process. The best part about these designs is that once the basic framework for the mantel has been constructed, the decorative parts can be either purchased or made by hand depending on the personal level of comfort that you have with the building project itself. No matter what you plan on doing, all designs begin with basic measurements of the width and height of the fireplace and how the mantel is going to influence the overall area.

fireplace mantels

Once the measurements are done, begin by cutting out the appropriate lengths of wood for the shelf. Assemble the mantel with the appropriate nailing strips and prepare the foundation above the fireplace for the inclusion of the shelf. Assemble the trim and decorative pieces to the sections where the rest of the mantel will connect to the floor. Once all of this basic groundwork has been established, it is easy to attach the rest of the shelf to the bases arranged over the fireplace. This process can be repeated with a stone mantel as well, and there are numerous other stone fireplace mantel decorating ideas that can be considered once the arrangement has been completed. These include displaying attractive and personal items, such as picture frames and decorative pieces on top of the mantle to decorate the space. Other times, the fireplace mantels themselves may be considered the centerpiece of the room, and it can be a good idea to arrange the rest of the furnishings to draw attention to the fireplace mantels in an attractive way.

How to Build a Fireplace Surround

The instructions on how to make a fireplace surround are not that different from the ones that focus on creating fireplace mantels. Unlike when assembling fireplace mantels, however, it may be a good idea to work with a professional or become more familiar with the construction of your home before attempting this project, as it will require cutting into the area surrounding the fireplace to establish the surround environment.

For beginners, however, it can be easy to begin working on the surface first. To do this, begin by arranging a long sheet of builder’s felt around the area, attaching it to the section where you will be working by going from the bottom to the top. This keeps the moisture away from the mortar and vice versa. After this is done, secure a metal lath over the felt in order to keep the mortar steady in its place. Do this by nailing the horizontal lengths of the lath directly into the wall and overlap where appropriate.

Arrange the mesh carefully so as to make sure that it is sturdy and will keep in place during the next steps. When the metal mesh is durably set, begin applying the mortar over the mesh in carefully filling motions with a trowel. After the mortar has been smoothed out and allowed to settle for twenty minutes, begin combing over it to establish the grooves with which you will be working. Once this is done, arrange your stones or other decorative materials in the manner that you wish to apply them. This involves working with existing stones in order to set them against the mortar while utilizing the mortar as a part of the decorative appeal or applying flat surfaces, such as marble, to the mortar itself. No matter the type of decoration that you plan on setting, measure carefully and consider the look that you are going for before you apply them in order to make sure that the final product is as you want it to be.

Check out this great video about how to build a fireplace mantel

Comfortable Chairs – Getting the Right Chairs for Your Home

There are currently many chair designs in the market and while some serve more of an aesthetic purpose, there are those which are primarily designed for comfort. In view of this, when getting chairs for the home, you should ultimately focus on functionality because when everyone gets home after a long day, they will need some comfortable living room chairs to relax on. Hence, buying any chair simply because it is aesthetically appealing wouldn’t make any sense.

Dining Room and TV Room Chairs

Quite a good amount of time is spent in the dining room everyday and whenever everyone is not eating, they are probably watching TV or playing a video game. This therefore makes it important to search for some comfortable chairs for watching TV, comfortable chairs for gaming and comfortable dining room chairs. When you want to have a meal or watch TV together as a family but the seats you have are not comfortable enough, there will be nothing to take pleasure in because in the end, everyone will be too focused on the discomfort to think about how enjoyable the movie or food is.

Kitchen Chairs

One thing about kitchen chairs is that regardless of the theme of your house, you can always get some comfortable kitchen chairs to match. Working the other way round may prove quite hard though; so, kitchen chairs should either be bought after the other furniture, or together with them. Most kitchen chairs have no arms, but if you are aiming for extra comfortable chairs, you can opt for those with arms. Still, in choosing kitchen chairs, you should first look at the space you have. Bigger seats need an equally huge space; otherwise they may overwhelm your kitchen and make it look crowded.

Home Office Chairs

Just as it is important to get comfortable chairs for your living and dining room, it’s equally important to obtain comfortable computer chairs. If you are running a home based business for instance, you should have your space appropriately designed so you are able to work to your best and this means incorporating the right furniture as well. Apart from clearing up the space and setting up a reliable system to organize your files therefore, you should also get comfortable chairs so you are able to fully concentrate on your work when you need to.

comfortable chairs

Bedroom Chairs

Most people only visualize beds and storage cabinets when thinking of bedrooms. However, chairs don’t have to be left to high class residences and hotels only because just as there are seats for large areas, there are comfortable chairs for small spaces including tiny bedrooms. Comfortable bedroom chairs can serve as conventional seats and still be used with dressing tables. These types of chairs also give the space a stylish appearance while providing convenience when one needs to take an afternoon nap or read a novel.

Choosing Seats for Your Home

Comfortable sofas for small spaces ensure that the body is supported in the right places and this helps deter any problems that may arise due to improper posture. In assessing the quality of a seat prior to a purchase therefore, you need to look at the material used, the balance, the finishing and the comfort. Comfort is particularly important in dealing with seats that have to be used every time like lounge chairs for example. At such times, as you shop, your focus should primarily be on finding the most comfortable living room chairs.

Before making a decision on the type of comfortable chairs to buy, you also need to look at your budget.  Regardless of how comfortable a seat may be, it will only make sense to go for it if it’s within your means. Even so, the most expensive seats don’t guarantee comfort; there are instances where you may go for branded seats but still not get the comfort you expect. Thus, it’s good to research upfront in order to find out the exact type of seat that will provide you with what you need.

Chairs come in different styles: recliner chairs, wingback, rockers, patio chairs among other designs. As long as you go for those that are well made, you will not have to deal with issues such as back pain. For your living room, you may want to consider the wooden or leather varieties. For a dining room or kitchen on the other hand, it would be most practical to go for plastic seats or those made from any other easily cleanable material considering how prone these two areas are to spills.

If you need sofas or seats which will help you relax better, then you would want pick from the armchairs or rocking chairs. These types are usually more costly, but provide maximum comfort at the same time –they are among the most comfortable chairs one can go for.

Check out this great video about how to make any chair more comfortable

Small Folding Tables Have Limitless Creative Uses

Sometimes, all you need to make a space more comfortable and functional is a small folding table. A small folding table can transform small spaces into seating areas, storage spaces, eating areas, craft spaces, homework areas and other useful spaces you can utilize when you need them and fold away for quick and easy storage when you are done. Small folding table options come in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials and colors so you can find a small folding table perfect for your space requirement, decorating style, budget and needs.

Create a reading and homework nook your kids will love with a small folding table. A small portable folding table can be placed in your child’s bedroom, in their play room or in the family room. When they are finished reading or doing their homework, the small folding table can be tucked away under a bed or in a closet for easy storage. When reading time rolls around again, simply pull out the small folding table, set it up and your kids will love their portable reading space.

A small rectangular folding table is a great option for extra seating or serving space when you are hosting birthday or holiday parties and gatherings. If your table is not big enough for all the dishes and guests you are hosting, simply pull out a small rectangular folding table and increase your serving and seating typical quickly, easily and inexpensively. Cover the small folding table with a tablecloth and it will look as nice as your dining table does.

A small plastic folding table makes the perfect crafting area. Whether you are scrap booking, jewelry making, painting or making other crafts, a small plastic folding table makes a great, wipeable work surface. Cover the small plastic folding table with paper and let your kids enjoy their very own crafting table. They can even draw right on the paper you cover the small plastic folding table with to personalize their craft area.
small folding table
Having a picnic on the beach, in the backyard or in the park is a wonderful and fun way to get outside and enjoy nature. With a portable folding picnic table, picnics are more comfortable and easier to enjoy. A small folding picnic table is easy to transport, light weight to carry and provides a place for you to prepare food and drinks as well as an eating area that is elevated off the ground. Keeping food and drinks on the small folding picnic table instead of a blanket on the ground will help keep pesky ants at bay and keep your food more stable and secure. When picnicking without a table, the lumps and bumps and unevenness of the ground make it hard to put down drinks or cut food. A small folding picnic table eliminates all those problems and provides a sturdy surface for you to put your food and drinks on, cut into your food and enjoy the picnic without hassles and being on constant pest control or in problem solving mode.

A small folding table can also provide additional storage space in kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms. Place items you need on a regular basis on the table top and store items you use less frequently under the table. Cover the table with a tablecloth that matches the room and the underneath storage is hidden from view but still easy to access. This is a great idea for people who live in spaces with limited cabinet storage or counter space in their kitchens. Replace the tablecloth with a vinyl tablecloth that is easy to wipe down and not only do you have storage space, you also have an easy to clean work surface you can use to prep and serve food. In bathrooms, store extra towels or toilet paper, cleaning supplies or dirty laundry under the table behind the table cloth and use the top for all your grooming needs. Add a mirror and a seating stool and you can create an inexpensive, functional dressing table.

As you can see, there are all kinds of uses for small folding tables. Easy to use and store, folding tables come in handy for a wide variety of uses. Whether you need extra seating, serving space, an area for arts and crafts, an area where your kids can read and do their homework, a table you can easily transport to picnics or even extra storing space, a folding table makes a smart and affordable option. You can find small folding tables in a wide variety of sizes, heights, materials, colors and price points in home goods stores, big box discount stores, home improvement stores and online. With small folding tables, you can create usable space that is easy to put away when not needed and easy to set up and ready when you need it.

Check out this video about how to make a simple foldable table

TV Table And Their Many Varieties

With home entertainment often revolving around movie watching, TV tray tables have become quite popular and are available in a large variety of colors and styles. Wooden TV tray tables are the most popular with plain or contemporary designs, as opposed to the cheaper, metal TV tray tables associated with the past. The wooden construction is durable and is an ideal snack table for the couch. Most sets include a stand for simple storage and can be incorporated as TV tray tables furniture in a home or an apartment.

In the home, the TV table can be used to hold a laptop, or dinner, or the predictable snack. The table can be used as a work surface for paying bills, doing a puzzle, or writing. The uses are endless as are the sizes of the adjustable TV tray table. There are small, medium, and larger sizes to choose from. The TV table may come in a set consistent in size, or they might be nesting, which means the tables fit inside one another in graduating sizes. Corners may be sharp or rounded, and the TV table works with most décor. The TV table is a wonderful piece of furniture that can provide a temporary workstation or a small table for eating and is appropriate for a home or apartment dwelling.

In a small apartment, a TV tray coffee table may be the perfect solution in front of a futon. During the day it might display a small vase of flowers and a book, while providing the perfect TV dinner table in the evening. One of the tables could also be used as a bedside table to hold a lamp and an alarm clock. It could be left bare or draped with a cloth to match the bedding. In the home, or in an apartment, the TV table has many potential functions in addition to snacking during movie watching.

TV viewing has become a standard form of entertainment with movies becoming so accessible via cable, or satellite, and through the computer. TV sets are now flat screen and may hang on a wall or be displayed on stands rather than the previously popular, large entertainment centers. Stands provide a sleek surface that enhances the TV and is often neutral, or black in color.

tv table

A black corner TV stand or black TV stand with glass doors is stylish yet draws attention to the TV, not to any accessories. Televisions are now HD and some are even 3-D. The movie watching experience is further enhanced when surround sound is implemented. The modern world coincides with the past with the evolution of movie watching with the TV tray table still in existence as part of the décor.

A thoughtful gift for a new homeowner or apartment dweller would be a TV tray table set. Whether a metal or a wood TV tray set, everybody can use a TV table. Its purpose is so vast in variety, that in situations where a table is needed, this is a smaller solution. These tables can be used to display plants or books, hold a computer printer, a pet cage, or display photos. The TV table might find itself the home of the house telephone, or the cat’s favorite perch below the window. A safe and useful housewarming gift would be a nice set of TV tray tables. The only downside to using the TV tray as a table is its potential to become unsteady when around animals or children.

Animals and children can easily upend a TV tray by pushing or pulling on the legs. It is wise to be aware of small children and larger animals (like a dog) if anything of value is sitting precariously on the TV table. Unlike a dinner table, the smaller model can be moved and contents can fall off if not monitored closely. If the TV tray is to hold anything of value such as a laptop, expensive vase, or trinket, it should be done with the awareness of instability if the table is pushed or pulled. It should be noted that an adult environment is conducive of decorating with TV trays because of their unsteady nature. With that said, TV trays are an enormous benefit for filling household needs and make a fine gift or purchase for oneself.

In today’s society, movie watching is becoming central for home entertainment. The TV tray tables are a staple in most homes and apartments due to their high level of functionality. Designs can be found that are intricate as well as simple in construction. Sharp corners may be preferred, or the softer edges of the rounded design. Color choices vary, as do the materials used in construction. Metal and wood are both options, with wood being the most popular choice. Wood is also more durable and blends well with most décor. Stands are often included in the table sets which can be important for easy storage. This furniture item seems to last through the generations and advanced technology, and may still be around in the days of flying cars…

Here’s a great video about how to build a tv tray table

Garden Hoe – An Introduction To A Useful Tool

One of the great joys that most gardeners feel is the pleasure of digging in the soil. The quality of the soil plays a large part in determining the success or failure of the garden every year, along with the amount of rainfall, heat, and sunlight the plants receive. A good garden hoe is an essential tool in the garden from early spring until fall. In fact, a fine selection of hoes will make gardening easier.

In early spring, the garden is still too wet to be worked until most of the moisture left behind by fallen snow has evaporated or worked its way down deeper into the soil. Working the soil or even walking on the ground at this stage can lead to severe soil compaction.

When is the right time to start digging in the garden and working the soil? A good rule is to wait until a handful of dirt that is squeezed in the hand breaks apart easily. This means the soil is neither too wet nor too dry to be worked at this time. It is now time to bring out the garden spade, pitchfork, and garden hoe.

A person who is new to gardening may not know how to use a garden hoe. A garden hoe can be used in different ways depending on the needs of plants at each stage of the spring, summer, and fall.

In early spring, the garden soil will need to be broken up after the weight of the snow and winter runoff have compacted the dirt. Cultivating the garden at this stage with a garden fork and hoe will loosen the dirt and allow rainwater to soak into the soil. After the garden fork has accomplished the task of digging up the soil and breaking it into large clumps, the hoe can be used to break up the clumps into much smaller pieces. This cultivation will allow plant roots to penetrate easily into the dirt to find moisture and nourishment.

During the summer growing season, the desired garden plants will be competing with unwanted garden weeds for survival. If left unchecked, garden weeds will use up soil moisture, nourishment, and sunlight to the detriment of the plants the gardener wishes to grow. Garden weeds often grow rapidly and soon go to seed, creating another generation of nuisance weeds unless they are eliminated early.

A garden hoe is the best ways to keep weeds under control during the summer growing season. A garden hoe is especially useful if the gardener has planted the seeds or seedlings in rows with a large space between them. The gardener can destroy and uproot weeds by swinging the hoe at an angle so the tip penetrates the ground a few inches. Pulling the hoe forward in the dirt will uproot and destroy weeds quickly and easily.

Weeding should be done several times throughout the summer to keep weeds under control.

garden hoe

A garden where potatoes are being grown will benefit from a garden hoe being used in a different way. Potato plants need to have garden soil mounded up around the stem in order to prevent the developing tubers from being damaged by the sun. Hoes are ideal for that purpose.

There are many different types of hoes for gardening. In general, hoes are divided into two broad types. One group of hoes is used pulled toward the user and the other type is pushed by the user.

The standard garden hoe has a flat metal blade and a straight bottom edge. It can be used at an angle to dig into the soil to destroy weeds. It is a very versatile shape and can be used for preparing the soil in the spring, creating seed rows, mounding soil, and weeding.

A Warren hoe has a metal blade shaped like a triangle with a sharp point at the bottom. This point makes it easy to dig into the soil to pull up the roots of unwanted plants.

A Dutch hoe is a type that can be pushed or pulled through the soil. This dual motion helps to reduce the strain on arm and back muscles.

The loop hoe has a sharpened metal loop at one end. The loop can be used to slide through the soil and destroy the roots of weeds easily. It can also be used to cultivate the surface of the soil to break up small clumps of dirt.

A winged hoe has a sharp point at the bottom of the blade in addition to two sharp points at the top edge of the blade. This allows the hoe to be used for precision work in eliminating weeds.

Any gardener will find that this tool is essential for creating a good garden. Hoes can help prepare the soil for planting, keep the soil surface aerated, and also eliminate pesky weeds throughout the growing season.

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Rustic Dining Table – Create Warmth And Charm

The table is where friends and family come together to enjoy great food, conversation and quality time together. Create a welcoming, warm space with a rustic dining table. A rustic wood dining table makes the perfect focal point for a cozy, inviting meal. The relaxed, casual feel a rustic dining room table imparts will make your guests feel welcomed and comfortable. Creating a rustic dining room will allow people to unwind and enjoy a family style meal or holiday celebration.

A rustic dining table set is perfect for homes that have a French country, shabby chic or eclectic style. The warmth rustic dining wood furniture imparts will perfectly compliment the feel of a shabby chic, French country or eclectic home. Add mismatched china and glassware with vintage napkins to create a rustic dining table scene that looks magazine ready. Add an enameled bucket full of garden fresh flowers as a centerpiece and everyone will think you hired a decorator.

In beach homes, a rustic dining table made of wood or driftwood is the perfect way to bring some of the outdoors in and to create a soft, natural look that will work perfectly in the beach side environment. Decorate your rustic dining table with a glass vase full of seashells and sand dollars, votive candles and straw grass place mats for an elegant and chic look.

If you have a log cabin, your dining room is the perfect place for a rustic dining table. Imagine a deer antler chandelier illuminating the warm, smooth surface of a wood dining table filled with delicious foods and surrounded by friends and family. Rustic tables provide a warmth, coziness and welcoming feel and make a perfect serving, entertaining and gathering spot in your home that people will feel confident approaching.
rustic dining table
In an eclectic home, there are no rules to the decor and every piece creates its own statement. Whether the decor is kitschy, quirky and one of a kind or packed with an array of styles from primitive antiques to Danish modern pieces, a rustic dining room will fit right in. Part of the beauty of rustic pieces is their timeless feel and their ability to blend in with existing decor and accessories and a rustic table will work perfectly within any decorating scheme.

The charm and feel that come with rustic pieces will make your dining room feel relaxed, but that does not mean you have to rule out having an elegant dining room. Pair your rustic table and chairs with high end china, a cut crystal flower vase, fine silver, antique candle sticks and fine cotton or linen napkins to create a one of a kind, luxury look. One of the hallmarks of successful interior design is the successful pairing and juxtaposition of formal and informal pieces. Creating a dining room that combines a charming rustic table set and high end serving pieces is the perfect way to add a designer touch and one of a kind panache to your dining room.

Rustic dining tables can be found in every size, in many shapes and in any seating capacity you need to fit your family and friends as well as the space requirements of your room. From cozy two tops to expansive tables that can seat twelve or more, you can find a rustic table that fits. Many tables come with options such as bench seating, matching chairs or a combination of bench and individual seats so you can customize your dining room set to meet your seating needs and to make the dining set fit perfectly within your space. If you can place your dining table by a window, bench seating will help you create the perfect spot for sitting back, putting your feet up and reading or working at the table while you enjoy the view and maybe even a glass of wine or two.

The kitchen and the dining room are the heart of any home. These are the places we come to prepare, enjoy and share meals and time together. Designing a space in your home that invites, envelopes and comforts people will insure that the people who visit your home will feel they can enjoy themselves and let down their guard while they are there.

It doesn’t matter what your decorative style is or even how big or small your dining room is, a rustic dining table is the ideal way to make your dining room the place everyone wants to gather. Providing the perfect palette for you to express your style and showcase your culinary skills, the dining room table is the centerpiece of many treasured memories. Select your rustic table, then invite over your closest friends, whip up a delicious meal and start making memories you will treasure forever around your rustic dining room furniture.

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Wrought Iron Beds are fabulous

Since the 19th century, many people have had a preference for wrought iron beds. They were first hand crafted by master artisans. The hot molten metal was poured into castings then later polished and completed with designs. The American bed was regarded superior to European iron beds by many because of the exquisite hand built details. As World War 1 began, iron was necessary for the war effort, thus iron beds were no longer available for purchase. When the war ended, the Industrial Revolution began and with it assembly lines manufactured the wrought iron bed frame. Because they were no longer a hand crafted item, cast iron beds were made at a cheaper price with higher profits for manufacturers.

Wrought iron beds have never lost their appeal. There is still a demand for the elegant durability of antique iron beds. One of the most popular and beautiful is a black wrought iron bed frame. Gentle waves of rolling iron are centered on the headboard with delicate spindles topped by swirls of iron decorations in a unique wrought iron bedding set. The footboard is a smaller mirror version of the tall headboard. If black is not a choice, a brass or white iron bed is also a singular selection. One particular Victorian style wrought iron queen bed headboard is gently curved at the corners with substantial posts and decorative accents at each joint. An antique bed frame with the Victorian curves painted white and the ornamental brass posts forming a triangle pulling each section together is a dramatic creation. A wrought iron queen bed in a modern style has clean lines, symmetrical posts and detailed finials. It is sure to please those with a contemporary preference. Antique iron beds are usually quite ornate with elaborate scrolls, trees and wildlife. Few have a rounded appearance on the headboard and footboard.

If one has a taste for a wrought iron sleeping fixture that combines the avant-garde trend of sturdy wood posts mixed with coils of decorative wrought iron, this fabulous bed fits the bill. Each hand crafted wood post is simple but rugged. The graceful sway of tender limbs and leaves on the center wrought iron pieces provides stunning harmony. Canopy beds, once only known to the lords and noblemen in medieval European castles were plain versions of what is available today. A current wrought iron canopy bed frame can be clean straight lines or a delicious combination of tall slim iron posts with a flutter of twirling whirling iron decorations in the center of each headboard and footboard. No longer are canopy beds in pink material for little girls. One can find any size canopy bed with almost an unlimited choice of design and combination of materials to accompany wrought iron beds. A classic wrought iron bed is not always available in an antique. Reproductions can be quite authentically constructed. These are hand crafted, designed exactly to the customer specifications. It is a lovely way to fulfill the exact style and custom preference one desires.
wrought iron bed
A wrought iron bed was once only made in single, three-quarter and full sizes. These days there are no limits to the selections. A wrought iron bed frame can be found in all sizes, from a crib to a California king. Made to fit modern mattresses, manufacturers are attempting to reproduce antique wrought iron while continuing to create original patterns. A wrought iron bed frame queen size is most popular of all the sizes.

A beautiful, delicate design in an iron frame is often accented with scrolls and flowers. Roses are a popular choice on the headboard. A modern option in wrought iron beds is again a combination of oak and iron. The richness of smooth oak blends well with black iron scrolls. The square look of the wood frames and the iron is a casual alternative to having one type of material. Every bedroom should be a serene escape for the resident, a place to relax and the bed is what it is all about. If romance is center stage, a four poster iron bed is perfection indeed. One in particular, painted black with tall narrow posts topped with acorn finials has amour written all over. The elaborate design of birds perched on branches combined with the slow sweep of iron below them is built for practicality but so beautiful one will forget it will last for many years. Finding nice antique wrought iron beds are worth it, no matter how long it takes.

Wrought iron beds have withstood the test of time. It’s also interesting to note that generations have slept on some still utilized today. Manufacturers are still crafting artful headboards and footboards. From the Victorian era to Gothic, French and Modern, there are designs and prices to suit everyone. Fans, birds, scrolls, leaves and more, the selection of decorations are amazing. When you purchase an iron bed, new or pre-owned, you are making a wonderful selection for yourself and perhaps your future descendants.

Here’s a great video about how to assemble wrought iron beds

Pool Party Ideas for Hosts

With summer fast approaching, many homeowners are excited about setting up pool parties. This provides a fun day of excitement and fun for their neighbors and their families. Often, however, it can be difficult to figure out how to get the party started, especially if it is the host’s first time planning a pool party. Fortunately, there are numerous pool party ideas that can help keep everybody entertained. By preparing a few simple steps and some great pool party ideas, it can be easy for anybody to throw an exciting pool party.

Prepare the Guestlist and Go Over Rules

Before you begin looking into swimming pool party ideas, it is important to prepare with the very basics: figuring out who will be coming to the party and what rules there will be to follow. While it may seem boring to start off with rules, they are important if you are planning pool party ideas for kids. Set some simple party guidelines and let your neighbors know about them. Younger children will need to be supervised, and even teenagers may need a chaperone just to be on the safe side. Anywhere between ten and twenty people is a good number

Prepare Your Pool

Whether you are making use of another pool or the one behind your own home, it is important to have it ready for the party. Ask around for the appropriate pool hires to clean the gutters and walkways and to prepare the pool itself. If you have not had the chance to use the pool in a while, then it can be a good idea to invest in heavy duty cleaning a week or two prior to the party itself.

Decide on the Theme

With all of the technical details out of the way, it is time to get to the fun parts of planning a pool party. Whether you are looking for pool party ideas for teenagers or general pool party decorations ideas, it is a good idea to decide on a theme beforehand. The theme can include anything, including pirates, ocean cruises, or the ever popular tropical resorts. It is never a bad idea to mix the ideas together, especially in parts where there is definite room for overlap, such as with pirates and tropical themes.

pool party ideas

Prepare the Decorations

With the theme in mind, or even if you plan on hosting a party without a theme, the decorations are the most important part in setting the atmosphere for a good time. Look into purchasing balloons and streamers and hanging them around key locations in the party area. If you plan on going all out, it can be a good idea to invest in palm tree fixtures or even statues where appropriate. Umbrellas are always a good investment as well, and their versatility lies in the wide variety of colors that can be chosen to fit the overall environment of the pool itself. Purchase bright colors, or tropical reds and oranges if they would better suit the balloons and other decorations. So long as you are having fun with the decorative process, there is no way to go wrong.

Prepare the Invitations

Much like with the decorations themselves, the invitations are supposed to reflect the type of pool party that you plan on hosting. Be sure to decorate with a lot of bright colors to get the party goers excited for the event.

Choose the Music

The music that you choose for the party should best represent the party itself. If you are going for a calmer, relaxing get together, consider the ukulele and Hawaiian tunes. On the other hand, if the party will be for your children or teenagers, then talk to them beforehand to see what kind of music they would like to have featured at the party. Some pool party ideas may include dance and electronic, but some guests might want the newest R and B album. Prepare a tracklist and set it on random to really get the party started.

Prepare the Food and Drinks

Whether you will be deciding pool party food ideas for teenagers or pool party food for kids, it can help to have a general menu prepared. Finger foods are the best, including pigs in blankets and other hor d’ourves. Prepare a list and have fun making finger foods that will be relevant to the theme of the party. Drink options should be appropriate for the atmosphere as well, and mixing smoothies and coconut shakes are always good pool party ideas.

Prepare the Games

Depending on how old the guests attending are, there are numerous game ideas to consider, with pool party games for kids being a lot more versatile and exciting. Arrange sections for sharks and minnows, pinatas, and pool volleyball. Marco Polo, tag, stuck in the mud, and other fun classic games can always be considered as well.

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